Friday 29 July 2022

Jealousy- ‘ The necessary evil’ - Gaurangi Rastogi

J-e-a-l-o-u-s-y is the word we experience and notice everything. Elderly people say that Jealousy can ruin everything, and it's true. Jealousy can be good or even harmful. Even when I speak that Jealousy can be beneficial, they ask how. Let me tell you an example of my story. 

When I was in grade V, my parents would talk about my cousin, that she is good at that, this... It would make me so sad that I fought with my parents saying I don't have my identity or what. When they said, "Beta! You are more than them; you can achieve anything, so I started working hard towards academics, curricular activities, and sports. After I worked hard on my achievements, nobody told me I was inferior to others. This is the good side; the wrong side is more than the opposite of this example. 

If we always get jealous of others, we never achieve the achievements we deserve, like- becoming a vice president of one of your school's leading clubs, the dancer, singer, speaker or anything you say.  

Jealousy always made me depressed, aggressive, or emotional. Life has competition, but there is always a competitor with whom you will fight forever, and that's yourself. 

Gaurangi Rastogi,
Grade 7,
The Doon girl's school

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