Sunday 10 July 2022

The Library Car - Rishona Chopra

For me, my favourite place in the entire school is the library. I just wish I could stay in the library for the whole day! Once I start on a book, I don't want to leave it until I have read it all. Whether it's fiction or biography, they are so fun to read. 

A library is not just about books; it's about the variety you keep and the environment you create. The comfy chairs with a wide variety of books and you feel like you could sit there all day. I wish I was at Tomoe, so I could spend the entire day at the library!  

On Wednesday was my first library period in the old library. It was so fun. Although for the period the librarian was telling us the rules and regulations, it was great. I can't wait to read all the books there. Now, Wednesday is my favourite day in School! I am waiting to issue a book there and just can't wait for Wednesday to come. 

                                          The library is where I go, 
                                          It makes me happy when I am low, 
                                          Read books is so cool, 
                                          It's the best place in School! 
Rishona Chopra  
Grade VI 
Gyanshree School


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