Sunday 31 July 2022

Patience - Value Of The Month at My Good School

Hello Everyone. We are excited to share our poster for the value of August - Patience. 

Patience is a significant value for the students to develop as Patience is the key to success and strengthens our self-belief. I believe our classroom teaches us to live in harmony with our environment, which creates balance and harmony within us, developing Patience. The blackboard has always stood the test of time, teaching us patiently over the years to build our curiosity and think innovatively. 

Do you all agree that at My Good School, we are building the value of Patience by consistently reading every Sunday and listening patiently to each other, slowly helping us to learn and grow and experience the joy of learning?

Share your experiences and stories through written blogs, graphics, drawings or audio. You can email it to your school's blog coordinator mentioned in the poster.

Patience is the balm, the healer and the power behind learning. 

Arav Agarwal
Grade: 6
Billabong High International School, Thane

Step-by-step, day in and day out, we keep schooling ourselves; this cannot happen without perseverance. 

The Teacher, the Student, and the Blackboard have all stood the test of time; only the colour or materials may have changed - digital, intelligent, white...interactive. 

What is most crucial? 
Understanding comes with time, Patience and perseverance.

75 Year of Indian Independence, all of us are here this August to celebrate Patience, the value that alone keeps the world sane.

Let's Blog, email your thought and post to us at; visuals add value to your writings, and finally, stories retold are the best way to take learning forward at My Good School. 

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Children pick up skills for life, preparing them to face the world. They experience values and virtues working with mentors and peers. Focus on the 6 C's: 1 Critical thinking; 2 Creativity; 3 Collaboration; 4 Communication; 5 Character; and 6 Citizenship. 

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