Sunday 3 July 2022

Totto-chan and Us - Anvesha Rana

School, a place to learn and grow, a garden to walk and stroll and land to meet and greet. We go to School every day, but what does School mean? School comes from the Greek word skholē which means leisure. In ancient times, labour was challenging, so going to School was fun since children could simply meet their friends, ponder on diverse topics and completely unwind when from School. The School was meant to be a place for fun and learning. I go to School to learn new things and meet my friends and teachers. Going to School is fun because I get to do a lot of extra activities like sports, dance, music, theatre and art. I even learn some of my favourite subjects, like English or science. But the best part is that when I return home from School, my sister and I get to exchange all our learnings for the day. Discussing School with my parents is also something that I love. Mr.Kobayashi, the headmaster at Tomoe Gakuen had a right hand man as Mr.Maruyama. A Right-hand man is someone who supports and helps us in all our tasks. The children could often associate the smell of incense sticks with Mr Maruyama since he was the one who introduced them to the Rehei Amanoya. Similarly, a scent that I sense is of a ball of yarn. Whenever I see wool or a ball of yarn, I remember my Grandmother. She sat on her rocking chair and would continue to sew woollen sweaters for all of us. That image is still strong in my mind; whenever I recall it, it always fills me with nostalgia. Totto-Chan was called Korean by a boy Masow-Chan, but she couldn’t understand it until her mother explained this. It is true that behind every unique child is an even more radiant mother. We all love Totto-chan, but it’s only because of her mother that she is so curious yet so calm, mischievous and yet so sublime. Totto-chan’s mother has inculcated every possible value in the young girl. Be it equality, love, patience, humility, appreciation or compassion, perhaps Totto-chan has it all! We all should be a little more like her; we all should learn to master our two hawks, our two bears, our two rabbits, our stubborn donkey and the most vicious snake. Let us flow with this rivulet of love!

Anvesha Rana, Grade 10-B, Gyanshree School.

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