Saturday 30 July 2022

My Ambition - Yashraj Sharma

People always call me a curious boy

Who is interested in asking why

And due to my why, I may 

Become a famous guy.

With some surprising ambition

To become a scientist.

I want to know why wood should float

And why lead and marble sink

Why does the wind blow

And why do we all eat and drink?

I want to know what makes clouds

And why they snake across the sky

Why does the Sun set behind the hill

And why do all flowers die?

I want to know why fish have gills. 

And why the Earth has hills?

Why can boys not fly?

And why does rain fall from the sky?

I want to know why charcoal gives smoke.

And it's not the same for stones.

Some of my why's are not hard to answer.

If you will try, but no one ever yet

Has found the reason for my ambition-


Yashraj Sharma 

8D Gyanshree School

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