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Saturday 10 February 2024

Soulful Illumination - Aati Pema

PC- Ati Pema

"Soulful Illumination: The Essence of Kindness and Genuineness"

"Kindness is defined as one who is considerate towards others through their sympathetic actions. Kindness in itself is a charitable action as it's selfless, where one keeps one's self-consciousness aside. When one shows kindness, we become honest to ourselves and this genuineness embodies the warmth of the human soul. Here kindness is the torch which burns in the dark and a person's genuineness embodies the warmth and light. 

Kindness promotes genuineness, which is what makes the connection between two souls. This is why mercy is said to be nectar to those who give and receive, as it is also a way in life to show kindness. So kindness is actually not defined just by being considerate of others. But it is any compassionate act done with a genuine empathetic spirit. Though I have said it to be a selfless act in the paragraphs above, it still raises our self-esteem throughout our lives with every act of such selfless service.

"That light we see is burning in my hall. How far that little candle throws his beams!" - Portia (William Shakespeare)"

Aati Pema
Pestalozzi Children's Village Society

Tuesday 31 January 2023

Importance of bedrock mentoring - Shilpika Pandey

There is too much or too little of so many things in this world that we wish to catch in life. Our dreams, aspirations and wants make us put our hands into a jar full of innumerable  options but when we get stuck at what to really pick, we falter and are unable to choose and thus come at a precise decision. 

The road ahead seems blurry and one wonders if at all to walk on it until someone out there clears, not the road but the vision to see it clearly and helps us walk on it with a confident gait that we realize the importance and effectiveness of that guiding hand, advisor, counsellor or a bedrock MENTOR! 

A Mentor is what each one of us needs to take the best decision, pick the right option and stay focused. But how do we know our mentors? How do we recognize them? The answer is very unadulterated.. When the student is ready, the Guru or mentor appears!

One recognizes a mentor in a kind, empathetic, non judgmental ,helpful, supporting, encouraging, motivating, positive and a wise human. A mentor is a gateway to a mentee's world of opportunities becoming correct and lifelong decisions and facilitating a successful place in life! A true mentor plants a belief, nurtures trust and backs a skill in the right direction. A mentee is forever looking for that mentor who exists but justifies his/her presence when the former is open to welcome one.

A mentor can help one find himself ,change lives and help build a nation and so MENTORING MATTERS!

Tuesday 10 January 2023

Simplicity - Shilpika Pandey

Poster courtesy Rishona Chopra

Simplicity is such a simple word but is it easy to follow? In this world of materialistic magnetism, how easy is it to adorn simplicity? 

Simplicity is grace, dignity, ability to be yourself in the most natural way, to live life simply, unaffected by others' judgements. 

From the way we converse, wear attire, carry a mobile phone, travel, and exhibit our lifestyle to the way we deal with everyday situations, and play our roles respectively, everything
would need to be simplicity personified.
Surprisingly it's easier to be complex, articulate, clever, and pompous than to be simple, as the latter demands genuineness, grounded and a real persona. 
Parents really need to bring up their children in a grounded manner so that these children grow up to be empathetic, genuine individuals who know how to carry themselves with simplicity in all spheres of life, despite the privileges around them.

Simplicity doesn't mean letting go of the good things one is fortunately blessed with but being gracious enough, thankful enough for it all and not letting that affect one's behaviour in any unacceptable way.