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Learning Forward Podcast

Happiness - Oshi Singh

Image courtesy used by Oshi Singh for representation only 'Be grateful for everyone you have, not everything you have.' There's nothing more unpredictable than life itself. All situations we face in life are like dice. It's about our perspective towards it. The same applies to life too. We can spend this unreliable journey with a big smile on our faces or with a heavy heart. Many choose happiness over sadness. But you may find many who stop trying and sit back after facing an unavoidable path in life. But hey! This is a long journey. Instead of being all sad and hopeless, fasten your seatbelts to the journey of the 'unknown'. All you have to do is simply focus on the positive side of the world. A world where everything is better, and you finally get your 'happily ever afters'. You shall achieve all this just by waking up every morning and enjoying every single moment, and living it to the fullest instead of wishing for it to th

Simplicity - Shilpika Pandey

Poster courtesy Rishona Chopra Simplicity is such a simple word but is it easy to follow? In this world of materialistic magnetism, how easy is it to adorn simplicity?  Simplicity is grace, dignity, ability to be yourself in the most natural way, to live life simply, unaffected by others' judgements.  From the way we converse, wear attire, carry a mobile phone, travel, and exhibit our lifestyle to the way we deal with everyday situations, and play our roles respectively, everything would need to be simplicity personified. Surprisingly it's easier to be complex, articulate, clever, and pompous than to be simple, as the latter demands genuineness, grounded and a real persona.  Parents really need to bring up their children in a grounded manner so that these children grow up to be  empathetic, genuine individuals who know how to carry themselves with simplicity in all spheres of life, despite the privileges around them. Simplicity doesn't mean letting go of the good thing

A Dilemma - Reveda Bhatt

"…wondering whether I wait to live or if waiting is also living;" - From 'Extinctions' by Sharmistha Mohanty. Due to the greed pertaining in humans, which doesn't seem to have an end, every moment of our lives is spent waiting for something from our to-do list. Some people are lucky enough to get what they want while waiting for theirs, and some do not understand that what they lost for what they wanted was what could have been gained. In life, some of us just fix a pinpoint around our life circles wherein instead of living freely, we tie ourselves onto a mystical bull's eye, which we aren't even sure about. We, people, save money for our future or future generations, dragging ourselves into a so-charming-as-seen-superficial bond which limits our life, wings, and flight. Now, realizing what we are doing with our lives raises a dilemma: whether to wait to live or to live! Taking a step towards waiting to live, the thought popping into our mind is the worry

Happiness @ My Good School

My Good School Season 2, Episode 2 Happiness is perhaps the most multi-faceted feeling. The most fundamental aspiration in the hearts of all human beings is to be happy. We all want to be satisfied, but we are not! But what is happiness? Happiness is an emotion, a feeling of contentment. The most trivial things can brighten our day, bring us joy and make us happy! May it be good weather, a good grade in an assessment, being able to befriend a stranger, calling a friend or a relative, looking at the stars, playing a sport with someone, listening to music, and the list goes on. Happiness is not something that we can achieve with various materialistic items. True happiness comes from within. If we are not happy where we are, we won't be satisfied anywhere. Happiness is the first step of the ladder as we climb up to peace, sanguinity, sagacity, and finally, equanimity. In the words of Albus Dumbledore, "Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, only if one remembers to