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Sunday 17 July 2022

Totto-chan - Anvesha Rana


She wanted to be a spy, 

Then a ticket seller, 

After that a street musician 

And finally a ballerina. 

Her vision might wander, 

But her values never dander, 

Her life is simply yet happy, 

Then why don’t we be a little

more like her ?

She treats others with love, 

She learns all with joy, 

She yearns to find more

And ask why. 

The Farming teacher likes her, 

For she does everything with care, 

Her passion is appreciated and 

Her energy is contagious.

She might be naughty, 

But her character is good, 

She helps everyone 

And asks for nothing in return. 

So, Totto-chan, 

You are a really good girl, 

You know. 

Anvesha Rana,

Grade 10-B,

Gyanshree School.

Wednesday 29 September 2021

The Joy of Appreciation - Aashay Nimish Gaitonde

It always feels great to be appreciated. It is a beautiful feeling when people around you encourage you for the different things you do in life, both big and small. Appreciation motivates you to try harder in whatever you do and be a better version of yourself.
I would like to share a couple of incidents recently that I remember when I was received praise and appreciation.
Winning an inter-school roller-skating race
I once participated in an inter-school roller skating event where I came second in the Finals. I won a trophy & my parents were elated. I have been skating since I was six years old, so it was a wonderful moment. They hugged me and rewarded me by taking me to a “Marvel Studio” to visit my favourite comic superheroes and their film set. Here are some of the pictures taken -
Even today, my mom & dad always take time out to drop me at skating class every day & this motivates me to keep practising and being a better skater day by day! 
Securing the First rank in the NELTAS examination
The second incident was when I came first across all schools in India & UAE in a competitive exam for English language (NELTAS). I have been giving this exam for four years & this was the first time I ranked first in the Grand Finale.
I was thrilled when the results came out but was happier when everyone in my family & my teachers appreciated me. They have supported me through thick & thin; hence their applause was all the more special for me.
There are many such times when I have been complimented & supported by my family and friends, even when I have failed. It’s only when you receive such tremendous support that you feel that you can excel in anything you put your mind to!

Aashay Nimish Gaitonde
Grade : 5 Division: A Billabong High International School, Thane