Monday 28 November 2022

The Superficial Rosy-ness - Reveda Bhatt

“We all love roses, and when I say that, I mean the blooming ones because nobody even cares a bit when they seem to wilt!”

You know, the usual-a rose-too common but never seems to get outdated. The emotions hiding behind this flower are too many to comprehend. They stick out everywhere-in happy moments as well as in sad ones. When seen in and out, it sometimes even portrays the human character of being multifaced-tender and mild on the outside but painful or raging on the inside, just like a human heart could be!

Like any other flower, roses go through the stages of life where first, as a growing bud, they are provided with everything they need to grow. They struggle through the part of their lives to fully mature, and later, some are plucked by us as we gaze at its brilliance and find a place in a vase, and we keep it till we can gain something out of it-a pleasant smell and a decent look.

Happy till it serves us with all that, and then, once it ages, it’s thrown back into the environment was cut off from before because it’s no use now. Then, there lies the depressing vase, empty, just waiting to take over the life of another. This cycle keeps on going because sometimes it’s easier to keep moving in the same process over and over again rather than risking all of it and jumping off it having no idea where
you’ll land.

Fun fact: The look of the rose we get is also superficial. How?

Once the old, raging flower petals wither and fall off, rather than the bud that once swayed proudly with its colourful petals, there just stands a stem with thorns waiting to hurt you!

Reveda Bhatt
Grade 9
The Aryan School


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