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Are you in a dilemma? - Tenzin Kunsel

Image The dilemma word that we all are familiar with is a situation we all face daily. But when we think we are facing a dilemma, it's just a game that our mind plays. We all are already aware of the choice which we want to go with but create another choice just to confuse ourselves.  When we debate which option to go with, we should always choose the brain's advice though hard to follow but better for us than the heart's advice which is easier. The brain's choice is better and more practical than the heart's. Tenzin Kunsel Pestalozzi Children's India Village

The dilemma between heart and mind - Tenzin Jambey

"Good evening, sir. How is everything and hope you are all good, me   waiting for Sunday's Good School and will see you in Sunday's Class. This is my reflection on ( SHARE A DILEMMA OF HEART AND MIND). It took me almost an hour to write  ,  and I guess    not everyone has the courage  to share the dilemma experience which I have shared. Hope you would love and feel good after going through my reflection." Tenzin Jambey Our minds and heart ask and wish for many things, but sometimes we come across such situations that our minds and heart don't agree to perform a task together. When the brain says 'yes', the heart says 'no' and when the heart says 'yes', the brain says 'no'. In this situation, we need clarification. I have also experienced the dilemma between my brain and heart, and the dilemma I faced is also faced by others. 1) "Being a student, our main purpose is "studying" every student is expected to learn good va

The dilemma between the heart and the mind - Shristi Khulal

A dilemma is a difficult situation in which we must choose between alternatives. We have to make many choices between many things, which can also change our lives. It can have both positive as well as negative impacts on us. When it comes to the dilemma between heart and mind, I experience it every day. My heart usually tells me to enjoy and do fun things, but my mind tries to tell my heart to do those things at the right time and not to get away from my studies. Recently I experienced a dilemma when I needed to feel like studying. My heart said to me, "Let's sleep. I'm not in the mood to study." But my mind said," No, no study, don't you want good marks?" In which mind is correct, we should make the balance between the heart and the mind to live a good life. The heart is sometimes wrong and leads to the right path. So we should also listen to our hearts sometimes to lead a happy life. Shristi Khulal Pestalozzi Children's Village India We are reading

Reflecting on the dilemma between the heart and the mind - Monika Singh Pundir

A dilemma  is a situation which mainly occurs in everyone's life, especially in students' life. Recently it happened to me when I went to receive my report card. I checked my marks and noticed I wasn't getting what others expected. They thought I was very talented and would get excellent marks, but I needed help to make it up. At that time, my mind told me not to show up to anyone I had let down and to tear off my report card. But the weird thing was that at the same time, my heart told me not to think much about such things because, somewhere, it was my own fault for not studying and not doing well.  When such a situation occurs, one should think more than once before taking any step so we don't regret it later. Monika Singh Pundir Pestalozzi Children's Village India Reading The Art Of Focus by Gauranga Das,  with Jugjiv Sir at the Sunday School

Have you ever experienced the dilemma between the heart and mind?

A situation in which we have to make a difficult choice between two or more things is a dilemma. Everyone  has to face such situations in their life. When I was in Grade 3, a child who was really fond of playing games rather than studying, but I had never failed any examination as I used to study the day before the test. Once examinations were approaching, and my father told me to start studying instead of playing every day. I didn't bother as my heart told me to go out and play. At the same time, my mind continuously reminded me about my examination and to study as I may fail my upcoming examination. I listened to my heart rather than my mind, not thinking about the outcome. At the time of the test, I could not remember what I had learned the day before the exam; thus, I failed the exam. Later on I regretted making the wrong choice, from that day onwards, I decided to listen to mind rather than my  heart. Jeni Sherpa Pestalozzi Children’s Village   India Reading The Art Of Focus b

Did you ever experience the dilemma between the heart and mind? - Smriti Rai

A dilemma means when you have to make a different choice between two things. This situation is something which we all face in our daily life. We have to face a dilemma when we have two options. The dilemma between the heart and mind is a common experience in our daily life. The brain always wins, even if it gives more challenging and complicated options. It takes a more extended period to believe as the heart is always soft, so it provides more accessibility, making us regret it later. Recently I experienced a situation where I faced a dilemma. Before my exams started, my brain told me to study from the beginning and complete the syllabus before the exam, but my heart said to go out and play and enjoy. It told me that there was still more time to study and even I could learn a month before the examination, then I chose my heart's advice, then later, even when I looked till late at night, I could not finish the syllabus, and I regretted the choice which I made. Smriti Rai Pestalozzi

Reflecting on the dilemma between the heart and the mind - Nishan Karki

Dilemmas occur daily when we make decisions regarding our various problems. One of these dilemmas is the dilemma between the heart and the mind. This dilemma is recurring and unending in nature. It is like hunger which occurs many times. Our want or need is satisfied once, but after some hours, it again occurs. The same is true with the dilemma between the heart and the mind. The heart and the mind are very much crucial for our survival. We may get many suggestions from our minds and heart while making decisions. We need to specify the wise, convenient and prominent decision. I have experienced such a dilemma several times in my life. This dilemma makes me think more than I usually do. I investigate the problem and identify the most prominent and convenient decision. When I have some money, I want to use it wisely. I want to spend the money on the items which are beneficial to me. Many things revolve around my mind, and the dilemma occurs between the heart and the mind. My mind tells d

The "Heart" VS " The Mind" - Mishu Gupta

The "Heart" VS " The Mind" is one of the most common dilemmas in decision-making. Especially when dealing with or making choices for our own life choices. It is challenging to choose what is best for us rather than giving advice in somebody else's life. Example: Should I be attentive in class or get distracted?: and when we provide this advice to others, it seems right advice or suggestion that we are giving. Sometimes our heart says something, and our mind says something. Let's change our minds and even change again. Sometimes we make a quick decision to get out of that problem that we are facing but then in future. We also regret our quick decision and feel guilty about why we did that or if we should have done something else. Yes, I have experienced the dilemma between the heart and mind during my exams. Solving those questions and many options are kept in our minds and hearts. Then, my heart says Choose option"A", but my mind says Choose option

A Dilemma - Reveda Bhatt

"…wondering whether I wait to live or if waiting is also living;" - From 'Extinctions' by Sharmistha Mohanty. Due to the greed pertaining in humans, which doesn't seem to have an end, every moment of our lives is spent waiting for something from our to-do list. Some people are lucky enough to get what they want while waiting for theirs, and some do not understand that what they lost for what they wanted was what could have been gained. In life, some of us just fix a pinpoint around our life circles wherein instead of living freely, we tie ourselves onto a mystical bull's eye, which we aren't even sure about. We, people, save money for our future or future generations, dragging ourselves into a so-charming-as-seen-superficial bond which limits our life, wings, and flight. Now, realizing what we are doing with our lives raises a dilemma: whether to wait to live or to live! Taking a step towards waiting to live, the thought popping into our mind is the worry

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