Monday 7 August 2023

Waiting to Live - Reveda Bhatt

"If we had to wait to live, sorry, but I'd prefer dying."

Okay, I say that practically, not literally. You know why - because, to live, we do not need to wait. So, why did I say that? That is because to figure out the mysteries of this circle, we need to strive constantly to be at our fullest. 

Be it in the dark,

Be it high up in the sky,

Never put yourself down,

Soar up and strive high.

You know what, 

Life is just too mysterious.

Now, ask yourself -

"Am I any less?"

No, of course not -

Discover your potential.

Don't wait to live.

Live life loud and make it memorable.

P. S. The quote is just statistical.

Reveda Bhatt

The Aryan School, Dehradun


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