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Learning Forward Podcast

My Passion - Rishona Chopra

Starting with a dream to become a teacher, Thinking that I had that feature, Then wanted to be a ballerina, And present a show in Argentina! I then wanted to be a rebel, Or become a fairy and cast a spell. Now finally, I want to become a doctor, And a wonderful daughter. A neurosurgeon perhaps, And if I fail, I wouldn't collapse. I have so many dreams to fulfil, I really don't know which one to start with! I could be a writer, And be even brighter, Most important of all, I want to be a good person, And make sure things don't worsen! Rishona Chopra Grade VI Gyanshree School

The World of Television - Simar Kaur

Hey, 'how you doin'?'. This infamous dialogue, iconic, I might add, is a signature of Joey from the hit sitcom 'Friends'. I honestly couldn't count how many times it had made me laugh, even when I was at my lowest. The perfect life of cinema where everything seems to lead to a happy ending is the perfect run-away for me when my life seems shattered. Whenever my life seems too much to handle, I run away to my imaginary friends, with whom I can share everything. The amazingly sarcastic Chandler, the hopeless romantic Ted dedicated to finding 'The One', the motherly nature of Lily, the overprotective Finn, the 'drowning with creativity' Barney, the 'smart guy' Sheldon, they all are the friends I never had. I get scolded every single day for watching television way too much. But the truth is that I love to live another life, and coming back to my regular boring, uninteresting life just seems hectic. Even if they are just a figment of so