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Learning Forward Podcast

Dear School Uniform - Yashraj Sharma

I remember my first day of primary classes when I wore you proudly and happily, but honestly, that was not my first reaction to you. Initially, I felt detached, because you replaced my favourite casual clothes, my t-shirts and trousers. But when I reached school, I saw my classmates and other children wearing the same uniform. I felt a sense of belonging. I felt like I was a part of something then. I like you and always wear you with pride and happiness as a Shreeyan. Today, I want to confess that I know how I got you soiled in the playground and how you got stained with oily vegetable mom gave me in my tiffin, how you got wet because, at times, water spilt on you from my water bottle. Sometimes you feel lonely when I put my ID card (your companion) in my school bag during sports period. I am sorry for that. Now I am in grade 8. After grade 12, you would not be there with me as my companion. I will miss you a lot then. And last but not least, thank you for being carriers of almonds, ca

Friendship - Ruhaan Chawla

I have a lot of friends among all Dhruv is my best friend.  We have both been best friends since childhood.  We both study in the same class and same school.  In physical school, we used to sit together and share our tiffins. We also used to share our pencils and erasers.  We both are of the same age.  Our moms are also good friends.  We went to picnic together.  During the online session, if due to an internet problem I miss any class, Dhruv helps me by telling me what all did I miss in my class.  I also help him if he misses any session. We both are lucky that we are best friends. Ruhaan Chawla Grade III Gyanshree School