Friday 14 July 2023

A Letter from a Little Girl with Big Problems!!! - Aria Gupta

Opanari Society,
Sec 198, Panlangarh

12 july, 2023

Dear Aanya

How’re you doing, sis?

Everything has been challenging since Mom and Dad died in the car accident. We all hope that you’re not going through the same. We’ve shifted to a small, rented apartment in the Opanari Society. Grandma has been trying really hard to make a living for us. Happy 10th birthday to me, but no one other than her and you actually care, and both of you are busy. I could really use a friend here, but everyone calls me rude and selfish. No one could really understand me. I couldn’t do anything for anyone because of our situation, which made it hard to make new friends. So I’ve decided to focus more on my grades. I want to make a better future for us. I want to ensure that our current situation is hidden forever and is never found by anyone.

I honestly feel this brutal feeling of jealousy that makes me feel sad and angry about our situation all the time. It makes me act rude to other people. But if I tell this to anyone other than you and Grandma, I’ll be called a psychopath. They won’t understand this feeling unless they’re in my shoes. It’s somewhat a reason I don’t have any friends. When I try to make some, it’s always in vain.

I’m a bit ashamed of this situation, as I’m surrounded by children who live entirely normal lives. I want to make it better. It’s why I’m focusing on my grades so much. I want to make a better home for Grandma in the future. I want to ensure my and your future too. We’ll be living a better life in the coming years.

How’re you doing? I hope college is going well. I hope you are not like me and are doing ok.

Thank you for being my only escape from this brutal reality.

Sneha Rawalya
Your little sister

Written by: Aria Gupta Grade VI Gyanshree School

Disclaimer: Everything mentioned in the below text is imaginary, including the places.

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