Monday 3 July 2023

Appreciation - Aria Gupta

Appreciation is a life skill. Most people say that you should appreciate others, and that is true, but you should also appreciate yourself. If you never show gratitude for anything, you might think your life is the worst when it might be the best, which can bring a lot of pessimism and negativity to you. On the other hand, If you are grateful for everything you have, you think that you are lucky, which can bring optimism and positivity.

On my first day of school after summer vacations, my bag weighed like it was a massive boulder. Our teacher spent the class not studying but making sure that everyone's bags were light. I cannot thank her enough. It might seem small, but it made a huge impact on me, who used to struggle everyday just carrying her bag. 

I also think there is a specific group of people we need to appreciate, celebrities. They work all day, whether they are singers or actors. Most of them are also forced to eat once a day to maintain their body and make the public satisfied! On top of that, they also have to deal with rumours, dating scandals and judgments from many haters. They’ll probably say things such as ‘She’s so self-centred’ if she asks someone to stop taking photos of her. It’s like the public is in control of their lives, yet they still do their work just for us to be entertained. They definitely deserve respect for that.

Aria Gupta

Grade VI 

Gyanshree school

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