Friday 7 July 2023

A letter to my future self - Aria Gupta

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Sec 104, Noida, Uttar Pradesh

A student from Gyanshree School

6 July 2023

Dear Future Aria Gupta

How are you doing?

Please read this when you're at college or have a job. This is you from the past, and I have tons of questions. Did your/my book get published? I hope it did; I've been working pretty hard on it. What job did I/you get (If I/you have one)? Is it boring? I hope it isn't. Are you/am I happy? I'll blame you if I'm not, even though I'm basically blaming myself.

Here's a list of things I never want to become

  • A bully. What is good in ruining someone's self-esteem?

  • A robber. No one wants to become this! 

  • An introvert. I want to have many friends and be super social. Just know, no offence to those who are one.

  • A drama queen. Ugh, I hate those people; they make the most significant problem out of the most minor things.

If you are any of those things, I'm warning you in advance, then guilt will take control of you!

Anyways, do you think I’m stupid and immature? It’s totally fine if you do. Just kidding, no way I’ll forgive that. I don’t care that much if someone says bad things about me, but not myself!

Got to go now! Bye!

Your Past self

10-year-old Aria Gupta (Grade 6)

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