Sunday 30 July 2023

Is it right to do mercy killing? - Rishona Chopra

Mercy killing is killing a person or animal to relieve their suffering. 

When fishermen fish, they bring the fish out of the water and kill it. When out of the water, it suffers, and we kill it to "relieve" it of its suffering. 

If an animal is wounded and in deep pain, we kill it to "relieve" it of its misery. 

I believe that there is simply no mercy in killing. Mercy killing should strictly only be done when a person or animal is in extreme pain and suffering and mentally accepts that it has to depart. 

 Imagine if you are sick and someone comes to you and says he/she is doing mercy to you by killing you. Does that even make any sense? If you are ready to leave all worldly desires and go, it would only seem alright to you.  

I think mercy killing, when done for no extreme reason, is straight away wrong. If you wish to "relieve" an animal's suffering and have such good intentions, why do you kill it anyway?

Most of the population depends on fishing. Fishing should be banned as why put a fish through so much pain. But that would also cause several issues. So, we can't do that, but there are humane ways to catch a fish. 

Even if we depend on animals to survive and we have to kill them, there are less painful ways to do so. 

You can learn more about this matter here:

I believe there is a difference between euthanasia and mercy killing, especially in India. Euthanasia is killing an animal when they are suffering from extreme illness, and the illness has NO CURE. And if they live any longer, it will hurt them all the more. But mercy killing, especially in India, is killing animals for our own advantage. 

You can see the proof here from an article from Hindustan Times:

There is another headline that says:

*This was back in 2017 and early 2018, but now mercy killing is banned.*

Even though it is banned, I believe that until 2017, mercy killing was allowed even for a mere reason like "space". Why not kill humans to make space for animals, then? I am sure they would need it. 

Each animal has there own rights, their own family, and their own life. Just in a second, it all ends for them. Why is care for humans, kindness towards humans and humility towards humans? Let us now show the same towards animals. 

Rishona Chopra
Grade VII
Gyanshree School

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