Thursday 20 July 2023

"What Might Not Have Been....☮️ -Oshi Singh

 What Might Not Have Been…

Image courtesy,used by Oshi Singh for representation only. 

When two nations are at war, the fight is not only among the nations or the soldiers but also between innocent lives- the fight between life and death. During times like these, the quality of cooperation helps us a lot. Cooperation is a quality which helps us to co-exist and create a world where we can all live without fear. I mean, let's imagine a world with no fights. A world full of people moving around freely with no fear. Many might say it isn't possible, but being the optimistic person I am, I say it 'IS POSSIBLE'. Not immediately, but gradually it is. 

Speaking of wars, here is a poem which captures the emotions of a soldier who lost his mom in the war, but didn't he do the same to so many other people? What is right and what is wrong will he ever figure out? Or will he ever UNDERSTAND? Is this karma?

Something to ponder on...

It was the last time I saw her.

The last time I saw her big blue eyes shine like stars in the night sky. 

The last time I saw her silky hair brush against the wind. 

The last time I heard her high-pitched voice. 

I remember she was as busy as a bee, 

Yet as calm as one can be. 

Her heart was like an empty stage

And her love, if I may?

Her love was like a tornado in a jar. 

Among all the untold stories of the war, 

It was hers which hurt me the most, perhaps.

Because she was my mother. 

Sometimes I wonder why did it have to be HER? 

With her gone, I feel like a river flowing into the unknown. 

With her gone, I feel like a falling star. 

Now I am stuck in a cruel world full of strangers. 

Now I am stuck in a prison with no escape. 

If only I were wise and not otherwise. 

If only I realised the right and the wrong. 

If only I had fought with words and not guns.

If only I had listened from within. 

This, might not have been

Written By:-

Oshi Singh 

Class- IX C

Gyanshree School 



  1. So nicely written..emotions to the was touched deeply


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