Wednesday 12 July 2023

Meet and Greet at My Good School - July 2023

We celebrate the life and work of passionate educators at My Good School

Let us welcome the Thinker in Chief of Kidspreneurship, Swati Gauba Kochar, a CERTIFIED HAPPINESS COACH specializing in kids’ well-being. Certified By Happiitude & Berkeley Institute of Well-being, California

Swati holds a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and a Master’s in Communication Management and Entrepreneurship. She has over 10 years of experience and has spent most of her career helping corporates, startups, and small and medium enterprises with digital marketing strategies. She is an entrepreneur and has raised investments to scale her business.

In 2018, while consulting an ed-tech startup, she realized the gap between industry and school curriculum. She created a new-age curriculum & blueprint that focuses on an entrepreneurial mindset for pre-teens. Swati is a regular trainer with many enrichment centres and schools in Singapore. GIIS recognized her valuable support as a mentor and judge for Star Young Achievers Program.

Swati has trained thousands of students to date. She is now seeing increased training requests for Early Entrepreneurship Education from schools across Asia (including International Schools in India). Most parents observed increased emotional intelligence and enhanced problem-solving ability in their kids after a few sessions with Kidspreneurship. Some students came up with extraordinary ideas during the class and are now pursuing those ideas.

Kidspreneurship program developed by Swati has also been awarded “Leaders in Early Entrepreneurship Education” at the fifth annual Singapore Awards by APAC Insider.

Swati has trained several professional trainers in Singapore, including some veteran trainers from Adam Khoo Learning Centre, a leading education brand in South East Asia. All of them unanimously found the program highly beneficial to their students. Enrichment centres have incorporated the training for their students. She is on a mission to create an edu-system that promotes an entrepreneurial mindset through workshops & regular programs for kids and teacher training programs for educators.

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