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My bedroom greater than any paradise ! - Saikiran Sahu

My bedroom is the one place that gives me solace and helps me find my inner peace. Coming from any vacation or staycation in the most luxurious hotels but still feeling homesick and wanting to rush to your home and lie on your bed in your bedroom is another feeling. My quiet room with golden and pink hues calmed my restless mind full of a thousand memories and apprehensions about my academics, cocurriculars, and the things that scare me the most: my future. The soft pillow and mattress immediately put me into a deep slumber. The garden attached to my room where the blooming flowers and their lovely smell feel like welcoming me. Waiting for me to come back home. In a nutshell, my sweet bedroom is more fantastic and better than any paradise on Earth. 

Saikiran Sahu, IX

Illustrated by Decoholic


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