Sunday 22 October 2023

We are not the master of our fate, we can only make our future better - Tenzin Jambey

Some people say that we are the masters of our fate, and we can create our future however we want it to be. I'll believe that I am the master of my fate, but I can only contribute my efforts and good deeds to make my future better. I strongly believe that our destiny and fate are things that no one can evaluate or change. Sometimes I feel like God has control over our future and destiny; therefore, some people don't get success or achieve the things they want, and even those who love each other don't get to spend their lives together. 

Now, shall I say that we are masters of our fate? If we were masters of our fate, why don't some people get things they want. "Your future is in your hands," my teacher said, and I thought, If my future is in my hands, then what will happen if I die suddenly? In this case, shall I say I am master of my fate? Our future is unknown; we people can only guess the future but never calculate it. Time is the medium that breaks the law. "I am master of my fate". It is so well said by someone that "time is a changer of seasons." With time, losers can become winners and winners can become losers. As said, we cannot evaluate our future but only guess what it will look like. 

Time and the future are just perfect, full of excitement, adventure, journey, battle, sad and happy events, and many, many more. If I were to choose between becoming a master of fate or staying without the ability to control fate, I would choose to be an ordinary person without any powers to control fate. I love the journey of life, which with full of adventure, challenges, new experiences, and facing and overcoming things that I never dreamed about. I feel so delighted, and it gives me huge happiness and satisfaction when I think about what my friends and I will become in the coming future. As I said, we can only guess about the future; similarly, sometimes I give a shot at guessing what my friends will become. I wonder if some of them might become YouTubers, engineers, doctors, nurses, footballers, scientists, social workers, and other things that I had never heard of. 

The best thing about our lives is that the future is unknown, which makes everyone treat the other person equally. Who knows, someday the other might become the most respected person in the whole world.

Tenzin Jambey
Pestalozzi Children's Village Society
Image courtesy- iCreateDaily

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