Sunday 22 October 2023

Reflection on I am the master of my fate - Shristi Khulal

When I consider the word fate, I think of luck and fortune. The above line talks about controlling our fate. A person born into a royal family becomes king even though he doesn't deserve it because of fate. He is not loved by the people of his kingdom. On the other hand, a person born as a common person who has all the qualities of becoming a king becomes a king by fighting and winning the throne, is loved by all, and is the real king.

We can see in the above story that the person who was born into the royal family got the position by fate and was not a true king by virtue. On the other hand, the person who was not born into the royal family was a real king who was loved by all; this shows that fate is not as powerful as hard work and qualities.

We can either be the first king or the second; it all depends on us. Whenever a person gets success by chance, the person never knows the meaning of hard work and cannot taste the real success in life. The other person knows that he and his actions are responsible for whatever happens in his life.

At last, I want to say that mastering our fate is important, as it gives us confidence and improves our way towards life.

Shristi Khulal
Pestalozzi Children Village Society
Image Courtesy- Story Planets

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