Monday 16 October 2023

How your relationship with your parents has evolved with time ? - Saikiran Sahu


"A father's goodness is higher than a mountain. A mother's goodness deeper than a sea."
-Japanese Proverb

Every child has an extraordinary bond with his/her parents. Even if they scold, punish, or even sometimes ignore you for teaching you a lesson, they do this for our betterment. I have loving parents, who I sometimes want to get away from, but I know they will always be in my heart and soul.

When I was a baby or even when I was a toddler, what I could remember, they used to get me a lot of gifts and toys for me to play with. They used to coddle me a lot, and even now, as circumstances have changed as I have grown up and have a lot of burden for my studies, they have always given me what I want and shown support for every decision I made. I have many loving relationships, like with my mother and my grandparents, but the one I have an extraordinary place in my heart is of me and my father's relationship. My bond with my father is very unique. We are called a fantastic duo in our family. His opinions have always mattered to me a lot. My father rarely scolds me, and if he does, it is basically due to my academics, but if he has told me to do something, I make it my mission to improve it and make him proud. After all, even if a child becomes an adult, he/she will still be their parents' small children.

Saikiran Sahu

Class-IX, Gyanshree School

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