Sunday 1 October 2023

Learning Forward with Naga


                                                       Learning Forward with Naga

A very Happy Birthday to My Good School; it is a joyous occasion as My Good School completes 2 years today. It has been a fabulous journey with stories to listen to, tales to tell and lessons to learn. All of us here are different, but My Good School has brought us closer, erasing the differences. To commemorate this day and cherish it forever, here is the first episode of Season 13, Back to Bharat: In Search of a Sustainable Future. As you celebrate today, listen to Learning Forward with Naga.

Learning Forward with Naga Season 13 Episode 1. Nagaraja (Naga) Prakasam is a versatile and passionate leader with around three decades of global experience. He enjoys growing startups nationwide and being a lead angel investor; he has led 16 deals, invested in 25 startups, served 12 boards, and seen six exits and two write-offs. He also authorizes Back To Bharat – In Search of a Sustainable Future. He spearheaded Impact thinking in the Indian Angel Network and co-founded IAN Impact. His mantra is "Startups should focus on India's strength – People, Problems, Tech (PPT)."

Back to Bharat: In Search of a Sustainable Future is a book that addresses the present economic dilemma for Indian entrepreneurs and consumers, looking at the past and current situation of India and the developed world to find a way forward. Back to Bharat is an inspiring reminder that change is possible - and this is a moment to be a part of the change, for it will take all of us with it.

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Today, to celebrate the birthday of My Good School, all of us at this beautiful place could do the least by writing a reflection, which will testify to our joy of learning and a small token of love and appreciation. 

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