Sunday 15 October 2023

The Ocean's tales - Rishona Chopra

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The ocean has many tales to tell,
From a seashell to a fish’s farewell.
All the stories have a uniqueness,
Each is enriching and fresh!

So why not take a break from our day,
And hear the ocean say.
The whales go jumping upside down,
The school moves together in their town.

A salmon’s funeral takes place,
They all grieve and cry, calling humans a disgrace!

On the other way,      
The penguins find their prey.

The seagulls run after the small fish,
Eager to make them their dish.
Haddocks swim as far from the Shark’s home,
Wishing they were in Rome!

The underwater world is indeed as adventurous,
As the world above is tedious.
These stories are what make it so pretty,
And yet so witty!

Rishona Chopra
Grade VII B
Gyanshree School

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