Sunday 22 October 2023

How has strictness and hard work helped you? - Nishan Karki

"Successful people are not gifted; they just work hard, then succeed on purpose." —G.K. Nielson

Strictness and hard work have helped me a lot. It has helped me to control my actions and emotions. It has helped me to exceed my potential, think outside the box, and explore my inner strength.
I came to Pestalozzi when I was 10 years old. I was an innocent little child. After six months of training in Pestalozzi, I and my friends were selected for different schools. I was selected for Ann Mary School.
My first day of school was very interesting. I was also a bit scared. I managed to speak with a few pupils and make them friends. Days passed, and my school life was going normally.
The biggest problem that I faced at this time was in my studies. I could not understand many things. I also received very low grades in sixth grade. My percentage was just in the 60s. I was not satisfied with my results.
I had to study classes 7 and 8 online. This time also, I faced many problems, like Internet issues and again lacking focus in my studies. I managed to get a 70 to 75 percentage in class 7th, but in class 8th, my result got worse. I totally messed up. I got 54 percent, which was unattractive and unsatisfactory.
After my 8th grade result, I decided to put extra focus on my studies. I became strict with my studies and worked very hard. I managed to get above 80 percent in my first unit test. After getting my results, I believed that I really worked hard. I maintained this throughout 9th grade. At finals, I got 87.8 percent, which made me the topper of my class, 9F.
Now I am in class 10. I am again maintaining this on the 10th. In fact, I am trying to be more strict in my studies and working hard. I am hoping to get a good percentage for my boards.
I am strict and hardworking in many matters. This was just a small part of it.
Name- Nishan Karki 
Class- X
Pestalozzi Children Village Society
Image courtesy - Gympik

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