Sunday 15 October 2023

Rainy day from my window- Saikiran Sahu

Rain is a boon; without rain, there is no life. We don't understand its importance until it is taken away. I understood this during my summer holidays. That one day taught me a lot. I was watching the dark clouds hovering over our house, blocking the skin-burning rays of the mighty Sun, giving a great sense of relief after the days of torture that I bleared. 

With a flash of loud, boisterous lightning, the clouds started to pour their precious beads of water with the gush of a cold breeze that slightly touched my face as if wanting to convey a message. 

The soothing tingles and pitter-patter of the rain made my eyes shut, putting me to sleep just like my mother used to when I was an infant. Even the trees were dancing to the beats of the rain as if in a dance party. The smell of the fresh mud gave me a homely feeling and eventually sent me down memory lane!

This was my experience of a rainy day from my window.

Saikiran Sahu

Grade- IX 

Gyanshree School

Image courtesy- Unsplash


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