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Hello from Sulochana!

Hello everyone.  We hope you are all in the pink of health and mind. Very soon we will meet at The Sunday School.  School is where we enhance our skills, and our Sunday School is the best place where we share ideas, have our points of view and have a healthy discussion which makes us think differently. I am very excited to meet you all. Together we will be spreading the joy of learning. On Sunday, the 26th of March 2023, we read the chapter Positivity vs Negativity  from The Fabindia School Book. My dear ones, everyone has their own perspective on handling a situation. It can be positive or negative. You know our universe has the law of attraction. If you think positively, then only that is attractive, and if you start thinking negatively, you will find only wrong things occurring around you, as now our focus is only on flaws.  Always focus on positivity in your life. Sulochana Rana Happy to be at My Good School

When I see a Glass half full... - Anvesha Rana

When I see a glass half full, I see some yarn left in a ball of wool I look at the little food on a plate, And a few words on someone’s slate I yearn for the small giggle,  When I see a tiny insect wriggle.  Little it may be but not weak it is,  Less it may be but not short it is, More we might have but do we need it?  Aren’t we pleased with what we gave it? May it be half empty or It can also be half-filled,  It is what our perception is,     Do we complain about the loss       Or be grateful for the most?     A Glass Half Full is not just a lesson      For Perspective or pessimistic thoughts,     It is a teacher with no chalk and duster     But with just water,         It can pass on Responsibility and Gratitude,  Simply with its carefree attitude.  Anvesha Rana,  Grade 10-B,  Gyanshree School

Empathy - Karanveer


Peace - Arfa Khan

  ACROSTIC POEM – PEACE   P ositivity will be in everyone’s mind. E quality in the world we will find. A miable we all will be. C are will be there; I can guarantee. E xciting our life would be.        -Arfa Khan              7-A Ahlcon Public School

Poem on Humility - Arav Agarwal

Humility comes from simplicity; It teaches us equality.  Humility strengthens connectivity; Fills our life with positivity.   Kindness, Compassion, Gratitude Are humble person’s attitude.   Treat each other with respect and dignity And always practice the value of humility.     Name: Arav Agarwal Grade: 6A Billabong High International School, Thane

Positivity - Anusha Jain

 POSITIVITY: SUNSHINE TO THE SOUL It was a fantastic day for Amit. He received his German test paper justice and was the only one to secure full marks. Amit was feeling very proud. At 4'o clock, he received news that turned his world upside down the same evening. He could not control his emotions, and there was a flood of tears everywhere. The family was devastated to receive the news of Hari's accident. Hari is Amit's cousin brother. The two of them were so close to each other that they could comfortably share all their secrets together, and their bond of love set an example for everyone. As soon as Amit received the shocking news, he argued to go to the hospital and see Hari. However, as it was his science test the day after tomorrow, his parents denied his plea. Amit was shaken to the core. He was in great disbelief. His brother was hospitalized, and his parents wanted him to give an exam. His tears did not have any effect on his family. They firmly believe that Hari wil

Determination - Anvesha Rana

          "Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting." Life is about success, failure and more success. The key to facing all of it is the determination to rise after one falls and start right from square one. We may receive awards or we may not, but definitely at some point in life we will receive failure and when we do, we all should remember to embrace it. Failure is not the opposite of success, it is a part of success. Only after you fail, you succeed and only after you succeed, you fail but what matters most is that you continue your quest of accomplishing your dreams. 50 years down the lane you will be more disappointed about the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do and when you start fulfilling your ambitions, you may even realize that life is too short for everything.  An ordinary person who demonstrated extraordinary determination was Steve Jobs. He dropped out of college and started Apple Computer, Inc. with Steve Wozniak

Life Goes On - Dhriti Sinharoy

  Dhriti Sinharoy, IX-A, Ahlcon Public school I'm very compassionate about reading books as they give me a sense of peacefulness, and writing poems is the easiest way to express my thoughts to people. I also find solitude in music and channel my emotions through painting. LIFE GOES ON- A year has passed by in the blink of an eye. Moments of sadness And joy has flown by. Life isn't easy filled with struggles and despair, But at the end of the gloomy tunnel light is there. Being as bold as brass you have to find your way, Through gloomy nights filled with tears and the dawn of bright new days. The worries and fears that plague you each day, in the long run would merely fade away. Just live a life that matters, Be someone of great worth. Love and be loved in return and make your mark on planet Earth.