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Monday 27 May 2024

Thinking hastily and thinking wisely - Nishan Karki

It is human nature to think wisely and act in an absurd fashion.
― Anatole France

There is a big difference between thinking hastily and thinking wisely. Everyone in the world has a different way of thinking. Thinking depends upon experience, state of mind, situation, education, etc.

Firstly, let's talk about thinking hastily. Thinking hastily means thinking in a hurry without being very careful. Hasty thinking is not prevalent in our daily lives. We do not tend to think in a hurry while doing our daily work. We take time to think and make desirable decisions. Hasty thinking may ruin our decisions which will hamper our daily work and routine.

However, if we are stuck in a situation where we have to make split-second decisions, hasty thinking helps a lot.

Secondly, talking about thinking wisely. Thinking wisely means taking time to think carefully and make desirable decisions. Thinking wisely is prevalent in our daily lives, business environment, family, career, etc. This type of thinking helps us a lot throughout our lives to make sound decisions, tackle challenges and head to success. It is a very essential and necessary part of our lives. 

We have to think wisely to choose our career, future and family member's welfare. Entrepreneurs also have to think wisely and make sound decisions relating to their work and business. Wise thinking also helps them to compete with other businessmen.

On comparing these two, we come to the conclusion that thinking wisely is more important than thinking hastily. Thinking wisely is prevalent in our lives but thinking hastily occurs just at some point in our lives. Thinking wisely gives us a proper result or outcome. Thinking hastily leads to unsound decisions, errors and unintended consequences.

Nishan Karki
Pestalozzi Children's Village Society

Wednesday 14 February 2024

Path to Triumph - Ankit Raj

"A Journey of Success"

 In the journey of life, through trials we tread,
we strive for success, where dreams are spread.
Success, like an apotheosis, calls us to rise,
To reach for the stars, beyond earthly ties.

It's not just the destination, but the path we pave,
Each step taken boldly, with courage and bravery.
For success is not merely a trophy or prize,
But the growth, the learning, that makes us wise.

With perseverance as our guiding light,
We push through the darkness, to shine so bright.
Through setbacks and challenges, we persevere,
Knowing that victory is always near.

Success is the culmination of effort and will,
A testament to passion that we fulfill,
So let's celebrate each victory, we've won,
For in the journey of success, we've just begun.

In the jumbled life, success we weave,
A testament to what we can achieve.
So let's raise our voices, let's sing and proclaim,
Success is ours, forever to claim!

Ankit Raj
Sunbeam School, Lahartara Hostel.

Thursday 20 July 2023

"What Might Not Have Been....☮️ -Oshi Singh

 What Might Not Have Been…

Image courtesy,used by Oshi Singh for representation only. 

When two nations are at war, the fight is not only among the nations or the soldiers but also between innocent lives- the fight between life and death. During times like these, the quality of cooperation helps us a lot. Cooperation is a quality which helps us to co-exist and create a world where we can all live without fear. I mean, let's imagine a world with no fights. A world full of people moving around freely with no fear. Many might say it isn't possible, but being the optimistic person I am, I say it 'IS POSSIBLE'. Not immediately, but gradually it is. 

Speaking of wars, here is a poem which captures the emotions of a soldier who lost his mom in the war, but didn't he do the same to so many other people? What is right and what is wrong will he ever figure out? Or will he ever UNDERSTAND? Is this karma?

Something to ponder on...

It was the last time I saw her.

The last time I saw her big blue eyes shine like stars in the night sky. 

The last time I saw her silky hair brush against the wind. 

The last time I heard her high-pitched voice. 

I remember she was as busy as a bee, 

Yet as calm as one can be. 

Her heart was like an empty stage

And her love, if I may?

Her love was like a tornado in a jar. 

Among all the untold stories of the war, 

It was hers which hurt me the most, perhaps.

Because she was my mother. 

Sometimes I wonder why did it have to be HER? 

With her gone, I feel like a river flowing into the unknown. 

With her gone, I feel like a falling star. 

Now I am stuck in a cruel world full of strangers. 

Now I am stuck in a prison with no escape. 

If only I were wise and not otherwise. 

If only I realised the right and the wrong. 

If only I had fought with words and not guns.

If only I had listened from within. 

This, might not have been

Written By:-

Oshi Singh 

Class- IX C

Gyanshree School 


Sunday 11 June 2023

Advice From An Owl - Rishona Chopra

Hello, my dear friends! I am an owl. Through all these years, I have been sitting right outside your window, looking and observing you. My family is out there, hearing each of your foolish conversations and looking out for those creative inventions of yours. Speaking of inventions, I must say, your inventions clearly show your witty evil brain. First, it was those nets and then it was those obnoxious guns. Why, do you have nothing better to do than to kill us?

Moving on, as I told you I have noticed you and I believe it's time I give you some inputs. First off, you humans speak too much. It is much better to listen trust me. Wherever you go, you keep talking; half of it is absolute nonsense. And even if you talk, you forget to hear. Many of you just hear the other person and don't really listen. You just stay quiet waiting for your turn to talk and running through your mind what you're going to say. My! That is quite disrespectful, isn't it! 

Second of all, you have made your life quite difficult. All you do is practically sleep all day. Nothing like what we do! You have robots doing your work, the autocorrect correcting your spellings and online dictionaries to tell you the meaning. And don't even get me started on your means of entertainment. Our owl community presents an entire dance for entertainment and all you do is just turn on your television and watch some overly dramatic shows on it. How many of you, go to watch classical dances for entertainment or have a cosy family night playing charades and cards? 

Television is quite fascinating, I must say. I also watch it from your balcony when the curtains are open but it's important to spend time with your family doing something fun together. 

Last but not least, you should always be prepared. Most of you are not prepared for change. Here's one owl rule you must know - Always be alert for your predator. And your predator is almighty change. It is something some of you never adapt to but remember change in constant and if there is no change life would be rather dull and boring!

Rishona Chopra
Grade VII
Gyanshree School

Tuesday 31 January 2023

Importance of bedrock mentoring - Shilpika Pandey

There is too much or too little of so many things in this world that we wish to catch in life. Our dreams, aspirations and wants make us put our hands into a jar full of innumerable  options but when we get stuck at what to really pick, we falter and are unable to choose and thus come at a precise decision. 

The road ahead seems blurry and one wonders if at all to walk on it until someone out there clears, not the road but the vision to see it clearly and helps us walk on it with a confident gait that we realize the importance and effectiveness of that guiding hand, advisor, counsellor or a bedrock MENTOR! 

A Mentor is what each one of us needs to take the best decision, pick the right option and stay focused. But how do we know our mentors? How do we recognize them? The answer is very unadulterated.. When the student is ready, the Guru or mentor appears!

One recognizes a mentor in a kind, empathetic, non judgmental ,helpful, supporting, encouraging, motivating, positive and a wise human. A mentor is a gateway to a mentee's world of opportunities becoming correct and lifelong decisions and facilitating a successful place in life! A true mentor plants a belief, nurtures trust and backs a skill in the right direction. A mentee is forever looking for that mentor who exists but justifies his/her presence when the former is open to welcome one.

A mentor can help one find himself ,change lives and help build a nation and so MENTORING MATTERS!

Sunday 15 January 2023

Light the candle - Rishona Chopra

We all aim for change, but why do we always look and aim for the sky? Why don't we look around and notice the changes needed around us?

Many have progressed towards changes, massive changes whose impact is left noticed. Have we cleared the ground before aiming for the sky? We make changes that are called "a benefit", but those changes affect the ground effect of Mother Earth. We all think of infrastructural changes but have we noticed that Mother Earth is the one that needs the change? We don't need the changes that worsen the state of mother Earth. 

Can we light the candle to save something we depend on more than anything and everything? When Mother Earth did nothing but give, can we at least put effort into a thank you? If everyone lights one candle, the entire Earth will shine. 
Rishona Chopra
Grade VI
Gyanshree School

Sunday 30 October 2022

Would She Return? - Vani Pandey

Bob was a wise, elderly man with no family. He had his house in Dehradun, a peaceful and quiet place indeed. He was a famous writer in his town. People used to pay him a considerable sum to get their hands on his poems and stories. That morning was the clearest of all. The sky was blue. The grass was green and luscious. The perfect weather for writing a novel. But Bob didn't want to write a novel. In fact, he hadn't written one in years. The reason was his daughter. He had a daughter who was 18 when she disappeared. Her name was Stephanie. Bob and Stephanie were taking a stroll outside when Stephanie got a call from the woods, which she followed. She was expected to return in a while, but she never did. 5 years had gone by, and there was no trace of her. After a year of searching, Bob finally gave up the fact that Stephanie would never return. Bob used to spend each moment of his life as a melancholy soul. What could he even do? 

"Stephanie, Oh my dear, where are you now?

We were walking happily, but you went away somehow

 Please come back, my dear; I miss you so much

Play with me like before, and I'll give you a hunch."

That's the one couplet Bob used to speak to himself every second he was idle. He was so miserable. 

But maybe that day was the end of his misery. Because the next day, when Bob was reclining on his antique rocking chair, he glimpsed a young lady coming towards him. She was tall and fair. Her hair was long and straight. She has brown eyes and broad eyelids. Stephanie also had the same features as a teenager. Bob was more certain that she was her daughter when she called," Daddy! I am here at last." Bob stood up, corrected his spectacles and walked briskly towards her in joy. Stephanie ran towards him too. They reached a point and hugged each other tightly. Stephanie was about to give an explanation for her disappearance, but Bob cut her sentence and said," Don't say a word. I want to spend a peaceful time with you, my sweat pea. I will hear your story later on.'' Saying this, he grabbed her hand and took her inside.

Vani Pandey 
Gyanshree School 

Sunday 13 February 2022

Be the change - Rishona Chopra

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.
- Rumi

Rumi has rightly said that we have to be the world's change we want to see. As people say, ' walk the talk' as in what we talk, we should too. If I say that we should cherish our life and not get angry at the small things, I need to first think about whether I love my life. If I do. Then only it will be something worth saying. Only that way you can be exemplary. 

Once a lady came up to Mahatma Gandhi & said that his son overate jaggery and was worried it would damage his health. Gandhi said to bring her son back a  few days later. After a few days, Gandhi said, you shouldn't eat a lot of jaggery when they returned. It could be harmful. The lady asked why he said this after a few days. Gandhi replied, ' I needed a few days to give up eating jaggery so I could counsel your son with conviction.'

This example also states that we first need to work on ourselves to change someone. They don't need to change, but they might want to see you change.
What I want to change is Ego. I want to banish ego. Ego leads to greed, selfishness and all that leads to all the bad acts in the world. To banish ego, all of us need to listen to our inner voice and to the right thing.

The measure of intelligence is the ability to change 
- Albert Einstien

Rishona Chopra
Grade V
Gyanshree School