Tuesday 7 May 2024

The Guilty Dog - The Doon Girls School Reflections

The Guilty Dog (Jataka Tales)- Reflection

"Be humble, don't turn your feelings into emotions". by (Stuti - IX)

"Jataka Tales is about Buddhism and Buddha's life incidence. In this chapter, the dog mainly toured the king's favourite dress. And the rest of the story is the punishment given by the king to the dog and then the Buddha came or taught them the life lesson." (Aadya - VI)

"This lesson taught us that we had to be polite with everyone and we should always smile." (Ibadat - VI)

"In this chapter, the dog acted much better in a much more rational than the king." by (Riddhi -VI)

"In this chapter, the author tries to say that there is a king who doesn't think anything and gives the order to anyone whom he wants. Then the Lord Buddha was born as a dog who gives us a teaching of humanity and love. In the end, we reach the conclusion that- the poor will get blamed and the rich always escape, If you want to give judgment to anyone make sure you have a calm mind, we need to stand up for ourselves first and then stand for others, We need to think first before doing anything." by (Saumya Jha - VIII)

"This story was mainly based on ignorance, fear, truthfulness, kindness and honesty. We also get a lesson about being humble with everyone." by (Tamreen -IX)

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