Sunday 5 May 2024

Reflection of the week - Sunday 5th May 2024

-From Jataka Tales- 

1. Why do we read about the Jataka Tales?

2. Did the story connect with you today, and why? 

3. What learnings can we take from the story "The Guilty Dogs"?

4. Thinking calmly and not hastily

5. Being Humble

- From The Hidden Life Of Trees- 

1. What are Vaccums?

2. What can we learn from the "Carbon Dioxide Vaccums" chapter?

3. What do you think we can learn from Nature?

4. What is shared between the two stories today?

5. Find out what is peat

`These are some suggestions you can choose from. Looking forward to seeing your wonderful and thoughtful reflections! 

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Thanks to Rishona for this post.

My Good School – Summary

 Sunday - 5th May 2024

• 1 hour 42 minutes • 

0:00 Using Telegram for communication at a school.

8:59 Using Telegram for secure communication.

16:01 Joining a telegram group for a school.

25:58 Jatakas and their moral lessons.

31:22 King's order to kill dogs, Bodhisattva reveals the truth.

39:33 Justice, bias, and self-reflection.

46:26 Cultivating virtues for enlightenment and avoiding emotional decision-making.

52:41 Learning from pets and AI assistants.

1:02:10 Self-love and inner peace through acknowledging and addressing negative self-talk.

1:08:36 Self-love, healing, and understanding of human nature.

1:13:44 Forest carbon cycles and climate change.

1:20:53 Forest ecosystems, carbon sequestration, and climate change.

1:27:47 Rejuvenating and revitalising forests.

1:34:04 Trees, their growth, and impact on climate change.

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