Monday 6 May 2024

The power of observation in a student's life- Priyanshu Arya

As students practice observing, they see more and can represent more and connect it to what they already know. Observing becomes habitual, not bound to specific times or locations or experiences (e.g. 'school' or 'science class')

The power of observation is the ability to mindfully observe the things surrounding you. And you can develop it by practising certain traits. The key to critical observation is paying attention to every bit of detail.

Observation isn't solely reserved for students; it's equally valuable for educators. By keenly observing students in various contexts—whether in the classroom, during group activities, or on the playground, their interests, who they are, what puts a smile or frown on their faces, and what they know and can do. Using observation in this way makes teaching more rewarding!

Priyanshu Arya
Sunbeam school 

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