Monday 27 May 2024

True Happiness is living in the present - Rishona Chopra

We spend our time, thinking relentlessly, 
Thinking about possibilities endlessly. 
What is to come? What had happened? 
These questions cloud us day and night. 
Thinking about the future and the past, 
All about what has passed. 
In this vast world, we forget,
That we haven't touched the present yet.
All forgotten about who we are,
We start thinking of the far.
Yes, we must learn from the past, 
But not live in what has passed. 
A wise person is content with their lot, 
Not wishing for what they have not. 
Being lost in hopes and fears, 
Doing the same for years and years. 
True happiness isn't in these wishes and wants, 
Not in these useless thoughts. 
Never do we enjoy what we have,
With the future, we always began.
It's to live in the present that is the true art, 
It's what really pleases the heart. 

Rishona Chopra 
Grade VIII
Gyanshree School 

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