Friday 24 May 2024

Refelctions & Questions - The Doon Girls School

Jataka Tales & The Hidden Life of Trees

How can trees create their own microclimate?

The author explains that trees create leafy humus that can store moisture, and their branches can slow winds and create calmer air within the forest. Over time, these conditions reduce evaporation and create moist soil with better water storage, allowing more trees to thrive.

 by (Sanskriti- VI)

In "The Peacock Wings," what I gather is that our life choices should prioritize goodness, embracing both the flaws and beauty of others.

by (Aadya- VI)

Woody Climate Control

When the annual leaffall of beech trees occurs, it creates an alkaline humus that has the capacity to store a significant amount of water.

by (Ibadat-VI)

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