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Monday 27 May 2024

Thinking hastily and thinking wisely - Nishan Karki

It is human nature to think wisely and act in an absurd fashion.
― Anatole France

There is a big difference between thinking hastily and thinking wisely. Everyone in the world has a different way of thinking. Thinking depends upon experience, state of mind, situation, education, etc.

Firstly, let's talk about thinking hastily. Thinking hastily means thinking in a hurry without being very careful. Hasty thinking is not prevalent in our daily lives. We do not tend to think in a hurry while doing our daily work. We take time to think and make desirable decisions. Hasty thinking may ruin our decisions which will hamper our daily work and routine.

However, if we are stuck in a situation where we have to make split-second decisions, hasty thinking helps a lot.

Secondly, talking about thinking wisely. Thinking wisely means taking time to think carefully and make desirable decisions. Thinking wisely is prevalent in our daily lives, business environment, family, career, etc. This type of thinking helps us a lot throughout our lives to make sound decisions, tackle challenges and head to success. It is a very essential and necessary part of our lives. 

We have to think wisely to choose our career, future and family member's welfare. Entrepreneurs also have to think wisely and make sound decisions relating to their work and business. Wise thinking also helps them to compete with other businessmen.

On comparing these two, we come to the conclusion that thinking wisely is more important than thinking hastily. Thinking wisely is prevalent in our lives but thinking hastily occurs just at some point in our lives. Thinking wisely gives us a proper result or outcome. Thinking hastily leads to unsound decisions, errors and unintended consequences.

Nishan Karki
Pestalozzi Children's Village Society

Monday 13 May 2024

The Beauty Of Nature- Divyanshu Singh

We often neglect nature because we are so glued to the screens we have on our phones. We always take pictures of beautiful terrain thinking it will always be with us, but we ignore reality and stick to materialistic things. 

In actuality, nature is so beautiful that you may never want to see anything else other than nature. The earth is filled with glorious and magnificent wonders made by humans but there are also wonders of nature like the Great Barrier Reef having up to 2,900 reefs and is the largest coral reef system in the world, We also have the Aurora Borealis which is commonly known as the northern lights have captivated the society with its admirable dancing ribbons, and there are many more glorious wonders of nature hidden within the world but we being so addicted to our materialistic things fail to look after the nature and we just forget there is such a thing called nature.

So please I request to everyone that don't miss out on such beautiful sceneries. We all are living to enjoy nature not to destroy it. Everyone has the right to enjoy it if you don't want to enjoy the beauty of nature then let others enjoy it with peace. Finally, I would like to say "A walk in nature can give you way more than what you desire".
Divyanshu Singh
Grade- IX
Sunbeam Hostel Lahartara

Behaving Good All The Time - Ankit Raj

Why do we not behave "good" all the time?

Human behaviour isn't always consistently good due to various factors. Firstly, humans are complex, with emotions and experiences that can influence behaviour. 

Mistakes and imperfections are natural to being humans, leading to occasional lapses in good behaviour. External influences, like societal pressures or self-interest, can also sway behaviour away from what is considered good. 

Additionally, a lack of awareness or understanding of consequences may lead to unintentional harm. Despite these challenges, individuals can strive to improve through empathy, self-awareness, and understanding.

Ankit Raj 
Sunbeam School, Lahartara

Being Humble - Shaurya Chaturvedi

Being Humble

Are we humble? That's the first question I want to ask today and the second is does being humble cost something? 

The answer from my perspective is that we are not humble. In this modern world, we have forgotten the norms of humanity. We are just frustrated with our problems because that humbleness is miles away from us. 

Just recap your memory, someday you have also done it when you were coming back home after a hectic day and your sibling or your mother asked you something and you got furious and then gave a very rude answer, now switch the characters- you are the sibling and you got a rude answer. just imagine how bad you will feel. So in conclusion, I want to say that being humble costs nothing, but eventually, it makes people feel good and more emotionally connected to you.

Shaurya Chaturvedi
Grade IX
Sunbeam Hostel Lahartara

Thursday 8 June 2023

Being Human - Anvesha Rana

We are all human by birth, but that does not make a difference until we choose to be human. God has gifted us with the power of speech, the ability to harness raw materials and turn them into resources, the power to help other living entities and the capacity to develop a world of acceptance, but we have only taken the better out of our birth given right, never considering it to be a boon but an obvious fact. We never are grateful for being human simply because we don’t think we are human.

In this fast-paced world where everyone seems to be struggling for something, we have forgotten what being human means. We only cater to our needs, worry about our goals, focus on our problems, and only look at good things for us. As we forget to be human, we fail to be empathetic, compassionate and helpful; we might say that being independent is the need of the hour and that one should always look out for themselves, but then what is the difference between the predators and us out in the wild which only kill the weak and gullible to rule over, what will the world be if the innocent are further pressed down and walked upon.

Humanity comes to a still, and we forget our virtues as this world nurtures us into selfish and greedy individuals. It teaches us to bite the hand that feeds us and to not help but heap upon the frail ones. The sight of being human vanishes more every day, and although we have seen enough cruelty, we have also witnessed a few instances where love was present, where humanity was finally caught. Even if the bad is growing ever more and it feels that cruel people are stronger out there, never forget that only a little bit of humanity can extinguish a lot of evil deeds. Only a little bit of love can transform millions of hearts. The good is always more substantial than the bad; our positivity is so contagious that it can kill any negativity. 

Being human means not to profit out of someone’s weaknesses,

It means not to have eyes that see gain but that feel the pain,

It means to help without expectations and to love without getting it back, 

It means to be selfless and give more, more and more

When someone leaves a seat on the bus for an old lady or man, 

I understand what it is to be a human, 

When someone goes out of their way to help, 

I know what it is to be a human, 

When a child selflessly gives away their lunch to a friend who has none, 

I know what it is to be a human, 

When a teacher empathizes with a kid who has suffered a loss, 

I know what it is to be a human. 

Being a human is the greatest asset, 

We are human for a purpose and reason, 

Let us not trample upon the ones who hurt us, 

Forget and forgive is to be a human, 

To give more and expect less is to be a human, 

To offer a hand to others and walk together is to be a human,

To listen to the heart rather than the mind is to be a human,

We all are human by birth, but we must embrace it by nature.

Anvesha Rana

Grade 11 

Gyanshree School

Being Human - Gaurangi Rastogi


Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.” – Dalai Lama.

This quote from His Holiness Dalai Lama depicts the needs of humanity. Wherever we go, we always seek love from someone either our parents, teachers or friends. But what about those who have no friends or family and do not have a mentor? 

A few years ago, an Afri-American was killed by an American Officer, then the slogan ‘ Black Lives Matter’. He killed him because of his race. 

This example is of a person who does not have the virtue of love and compassion. 

As in the famous book ‘ To Kill A Mockingbird Bird.’ 

How Atticus takes the decision to fight the case of a black man. Atticus cared about people. This is called Humanity, where people care about others and despise their caste, race or creed. 

Do we act humanely? 

Gaurangi Rastogi 


The Doon Girls School 

Friday 5 May 2023

Coffee With The Coach : Our Happiness - Anvesha Rana

Today We Talk About Our Happiness

Many of us feel that we will only be happy when something big happens when we finally get promoted or get an expensive gift. Why are we so adamant about linking our happiness to worldly possessions? Why can’t we be happy for no reason? Our joy is always because of something, and as long as this lasts, we can never be pleased since someday, the best dress in your closet will look worn out. Eventually, the best game you got once will look very old and ultimately, the job that you had always dreamt of will turn out to be a nightmare.  

There should be no because when it comes to happiness, I am happy. After all, it is just not okay. I am happy, that’s it. I need no reason to be happy. Someday that reason will go, and then I will be sad. So I am happy, as simple as that. But even I agree it's tough to be happy without any reason, once you think about it, do we always have something to be sad about? Is the world always falling apart for us? Are we always struggling? Then why are we always so gloomy and upset? If we can always be sad, we can learn to be happy. 

Happiness is a choice, and it’s not a miracle that a wand will be waved and all the miseries of life will vanish, but it is a choice that we make each day. Despite everything that takes place in our lives, we should still have the strength to face the world and to sideline that sadness to accept the fact that whatever may happen shall happen but I chose to be happy.

Being happy is rather misused, we are not happy if we are troubled by the presence of others, we are not happy if we have restricted it to a definite zone and we are not happy simply by trying to act happy. Happiness comes from within and we can never thrust the responsibility of something as important as our happiness onto someone else’s shoulders because believe it or not, expectations are born to die, no one in this world should be the reason for your contentment. When you are the reason behind your own happiness, you find solace in yourself and there is nothing better than that. 

Something as commonly expressed as happiness which is still yet completely vague for all of us is a big problem. We don’t know what happiness is and well we don’t even have to know what it is. Happiness is like love, when you are happy you will know it and you will be happy without any reason at all. 

Anvesha Rana

Grade 11 

Gyanshree School