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The common humanity look through the night - Reveda Bhatt

Picture Courtesy: So, creeping up and about was the full moon in the night skies above the small town of Nashville. The wind blew hard and soft simultaneously, for there was no hard and fast rule. The crackling dried-up leaves swirled around in the dusty wind when they dropped on the curled-up hairs of the little girl. Out in the lonesome night was she, dressed in an elegant frilled frock with chubby cheeks and a pink tinge on the skin as if she were a Barbie! Barring her from the mist falling was her small umbrella. Her name was Eleanor.  Now, Nashville had supposedly never been famous for a "Night Life," but seeing the little girl roam about the town in the starry night, residents drew down their curtains so that their children could not see her stroll around, as every toddler craves to; otherwise, they'd blabber, "Oh, Mama! Oh, Daddy! Can't we walk through the night

"All people have equal value" - Nishan Karki

                                  Reflection from Sunday School   All lives have equal value. And so you say, 'Why do poor children die when other children don't? Why do some people have enough nutrition or reasonable toilets and other people don't?' So those basic needs that, through innovation, actually it's very affordable to bring everyone. ~Bill Gates Everyone in the world possesses many values. We, people, are the most intelligent beings created by God. God created us as social beings who can communicate, think, walk, eat, play and work by ourselves. God has provided us with many qualities like humanity, loyalty, kindness, honesty, compassion etc. We can look out for ourselves, do our work independently and do many more things. These qualities that we possess, make us unique, unlike animals and other creatures. They may possess some qualities, but not as many as we possess. Despite differences in region, birthplace, class, financial position, gender,

Being Human - Veda Varshita Marrivada

Being human is something which everyone cannot do. It depends on whether an individual is human, but what is being human? It means being a very generous human being. It is also a part of Humanity. Being human can also reflect on the character of a person. Donations, Charities, Adoptions, etc., come under the category of being human. A person requires a pure and kind heart to be human. Being human gives a feeling of satisfaction and happiness and teaches us to be good human beings. The reality of the world hides in a mask where most people claim the good deeds and blame the bad deeds, but rare people are good humans from the inside. People show off their acts for the sake of status but not with good intentions. Humanity is becoming extinct, and many people hate each other. The percentage of cruelty in the world is at a high intensity. Everyone should be treated fairly and equally. ALAS! I am still a child, but once I grow up, I shall donate money to old age homes and orphanages, give mo

War and Peace - Aria Gupta

We all can agree on one thing, which is that war is a horrible, horrible thing. It was a war that tore our country apart, which is how the Britishers were able to take advantage of us. It also takes the lives of innocent people, leaving their loved ones in immense pain. If war has such negative consequences, then why does it still happen? What’s even worse is that they try to cover up their greed and selfishness and say they’re doing this for the people or justice. How can they say that they’re doing this for the people if they end up so traumatised and malnutrition after a war? Instead, they should live peacefully and try to share resources; there is no denying that humanity is trying to achieve that. The United Nations has prevented many conflicts between Countries from arising. But humans should try harder to avoid war and encourage peace to live happily and peacefully without violence. Aria Gupta Grade VI Gyanshree school

Being Human - Anvesha Rana

We are all human by birth, but that does not make a difference until we choose to be human. God has gifted us with the power of speech, the ability to harness raw materials and turn them into resources, the power to help other living entities and the capacity to develop a world of acceptance, but we have only taken the better out of our birth given right, never considering it to be a boon but an obvious fact. We never are grateful for being human simply because we don’t think we are human. In this fast-paced world where everyone seems to be struggling for something, we have forgotten what being human means. We only cater to our needs, worry about our goals, focus on our problems, and only look at good things for us. As we forget to be human, we fail to be empathetic, compassionate and helpful; we might say that being independent is the need of the hour and that one should always look out for themselves, but then what is the difference between the predators and us out in the wild which

Tolerance @ My Good School

My Good School Show Season 9 and Episode 14 Tolerance is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other's folly - that is the first law of nature. Tolerance stands tall to the open testimony that change is the only constant. Like Bruce Lee said, "Be water, my friend" we are all confirmed only for change, and change begins with Tolerance. Join Anvesha and Simar as they explore Tolerance and dive into this beautiful conversation where Shilpika, Yashraj and Rishona express their take on being tolerant. Anvesha Rana and Simar Kaur - Hosts from Gyanshree School Rishona Chopra and Yashraj Sharma - Guests from Gyanshree School Shilpika Pandey - Guest from My Good School Cover art by Arav Agarwal of FIS International School Thane. Enjoy our shows on . You will love the stories our students, teachers, and passionate educators share. Please find out more about My Good School at .

When I Die - Reveda Bhatt

So, God gave me a new life to live, but, you know, let’s face it, I am not immortal, so I have to die one day. I know I’ll be walking toward the cliff one day and disappearing into the grieving, shallow darkness. To those who think -Thinking about death is depressing, or maybe I am depressed. Ahh, that’s a straight-away no because thinking about what’s going to come one day is absolutely normal, be it a new start to life or a jump to death. In fact, thinking about it gives me a unique perspective on how to look at life - it’s just the beginning of the end. That may sound weird, but personally, it inspires me not to hold on to a moment looking for the lost one but to move on to see what the next brings. Plus, it’s all about perspective -if we hold on to one side, we might miss out on the fun on the other. Plus, one thing I read recently- “Cycles exist because they are excruciating to break.” So, you see, this end called death exists because if it didn’t, either way, nobody wants to leav

Sudha Murty - Rishona Chopra

Sudha Murty was born in 1950 in Shiggaon in north Karnataka. She has written nine novels, four technical books, three travelogues, one short story collection, and two non-fiction pieces, including How I Taught My Grandmother to Read and Other Stories.  Other books by her are - Grandma's Bag Of Stories, The Magic Of The Lost Temple, Grandparents Bag Of Stories, The Upside Down King, Gopi Diaries, The Man From The Egg, How The Sea Became Salty, How The Mango Got Its Magic, The Sage with two horns, The Magic Drum and many more. Wise and Otherwise , initially published in English, is now available in several Indian languages—Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati, Oriya, Bengali and Kashmiri. Wise and Otherwise is a book about heartwarming stories with a touch of reality. This book gives a clear account of her work and approach to it. An accomplished storyteller in Kannada, Sudha Murty wrote for the first time in English to inaugurate a fortnightly column in the New Sunda

Swami and Friends - Anvesha Rana

However badly Mani would have despised Rajam, he cannot bring the cruelty in his heart to hurt him. On being face-to-face, they apologize to each other and end up being great friends. What scared Mani the most was that if he hurt Rajam, Rajams' spirit would haunt and torture him, so it was best to be friends rather than foes.  I am not afraid of ghosts or spirits, except at night, whenever I sleep and even if the door is slightly open, I feel as if someone is peeping in, so I permanently close my door before sleeping. Also, I find it really hard to sleep alone after watching a horror movie since the scenes are living in my mind, and I just can't bear to think that there will be a ghost standing there when I turn around! Swami talks about odds and ends, ups and downs, to his one-of-a-kind grandmother, who just wants to tell him how wonderful his grandfather was. The constant bickering between the two is very usual to others. For me, a conversation with my grandmother is fun. We

Humility - just like a tall bamboo!

Please note how simply a humble bamboo tree  teaches Humility to humanity. Comic Strip Team @ My Good School Please meet the comic strip team for this month:  Rishona, Anvesha, Simar, Arav and Gaurangi. Thanks to all the interns, they have worked hard to create comic strips on Humility.  Arushi Goswami, a teacher at Gyanshree School, is our guide for the project.

Like Crumpled Paper - Rishona Chopra

Humanity is now like Crumpled Paper. Let's just say - wholly ruined. But if you look at this crumpled paper, doesn't it look a little beautiful?  All we need is hope to change humanity. Some look at the crumpled paper like a waste, but I look at it like beauty. This means that we can change society into something beautiful with hope and positive thoughts! Rishona Chopra  Grade VI  Gyanshree School