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The Subtle Art Of Writing 📜 - Oshi Singh

-The Bewitching View Of My Wonderland- Hey, I am Oshi Singh from Gyanshree. I am also an intern at the Joy Of Learning   Program . Some of you might know me because of my posts on the joy of learning diaries. I am writing this article to pay tribute to  My Good School for helping me find the missing 'ME' time in my life. The Sunday School has also helped me immensely, especially as a writer. Finding time to read every week and learning how to be a better person, the weekly conversations always help me a lot. Also, reading other people's life experiences and getting the best out of them is a new skill that I developed here at My Good School. The teachers and interns here have become like family to me. It has made me believe that this is  where passion meets education. I am thankful to everyone here who is helping me develop into a better human being and giving me excellent life opportunities. I look forward to getting to know the people better and collaborating with them. Al

Expressing Yourself - Rishona Chopra

Every day is a new day with new thoughts and feelings. Most of us feel that we should share them with someone. But with who? Some of us like writing or painting. The best way to express our day is with a journal. You can express your day and opinion through pictures or writing. If you are angry, you can even scribble on your diary to express your feelings, just don't tear the pages! The perfect time to write a journal is at the end of the day, just before bed. I write a journal, at it is good to express your feelings. Although, I forget to write it sometimes! Sometimes, when I'm tired, I draw.  You don't need to have a proper diary, just take a piece of paper and vent out all your feelings. But then, when you have an excellent journal, and at the end of the week, you look at what you have written, you could reflect on your situations in a better way. I think expressing yourself by writing is much better because when you tell them with a person not necessary, they would actu

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