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Learning Forward Podcast

JOL Diaries November 23

Newsletter by My Good School "This Children's Day of the year 2023, we are most delighted to bring you the first issue of our monthly newsletter, and we look forward to the middle of every month to get into the middle of your heart and mind with #JoyOfLearning" . Rishona Chopra, School Captain Click here to download

The 'My Good School' Forest

 "And Into the forest, I go to lose my mind and find my soul" ~ John Muir My Good School is all about reading. The joy of reading, writing, learning, speaking and simply the pleasure of relishing the good moments in life. And what is better than our very forest, where we can merely roam in the lush green gardens, rediscover ourselves and enjoy the beauty? With this feeling, let us hear how one of our students feels about this luxuriant forest.  "I remember one of my conversations with students of schools in Burg where they were telling me how different their school is by having a swimming pool, a garden to walk, an air-conditioned auditorium hall, and trips and camps outside school which make them stand out in their category. I felt gloomy at the time because my school (The Fabindia School) had no point which would fit into this category of schools. And I couldn't get into the conversation. Later on, I came back and sat under my glorious Wisdom Tree. I realize that w

What it takes to spread the joy of learning at schools - Unnati Dabral

Children and Young Adults tend to spend their joyful yet crucial years of life in school. School days are the precious years of a student's life.  The joy of learning in schools may be defined in numerous ways. Learning something new with fellow mates always has its charms and challenges, whether in the classroom or on the playground. 'Finding Joy' is seeing oneself grow little by little, learning, growing, falling, escaping, again coming on the loop, trying and experiencing unusual things in those marvellous hours at school. Have you ever thought about our adrenaline rush while reading a thrilling novel? Oh! And how just a mere acknowledgement of the fact that its sequel might be available in our school library in the coming month excites us? What a relieving thought with an inexpressible enthusiasm. An infusion of joy with learning helps a learner to feel less stressed. It motivates positive learning experiences. Children are more eager to learn when handled with care and

A trip to SchoolEducation.Com - Veda Varshita Marrivada

It was a fun and knowledgeable trip visiting the SchoolEducation.Com. It is a website created by the Good School Alliance program. It was an outstanding experience with many things to know about. As I scrolled through the web pages, I came across many other programs held by the Good Schools Alliance. There were many informative videos. Some programs were Happy Teachers, Sunday School, My Good School Retreat etc. The school song of My Good School was melodious and splendid. It was soothing, lovely, and relaxing to hear. Also, many takeaways from the reflections given by many students were creative and helpful. Coming to the Internships, the reviews provided by the interns made me determined to become an intern in the future. The various programs listed on the website gave me a sensation of excitement. The website also gave me the curiosity to learn many more things. The Meet and Greet podcasts were fascinating. It was a unique website because it was like an online school. There were sev

My Good School Retreat 2023 - Shristi Khulal

On the first day, when I entered the gate of The Doon Girls School. I was excited and nervous and was experiencing a mixture of feelings inside my head. I thought about what it would be like to meet new people from different parts of the country, for which I was a little nervous, but now I have known them for a long time. I couldn't even believe that the four days we spent were so memorable and not just unique but precious too. While I sit and think about those days, the flashback of the precious memories always strikes my mind. I cannot explain how beautiful they were. Meeting different people and learning so much about their places and schools from Powerpoint Presentations was an excellent experience. I felt amazed when I learned that the school from which Ram Charan studied was there with us.  Whenever I sit and reflect on those four days first scene that comes to my eyes is our visit to Khalanga War Memorial. I enjoyed the trip and loved the smell of flowers from the Sal tree a

My Good School Retreat 2023 - Nishan Karki

I have got many great opportunities in my life. The excellent My Good School Retreat is one of the best opportunities, giving me many life lessons. This will be an unforgettable part of my life. I had never been so excited about many things, but this was the opposite. I have described below my experiences and what I learned during this retreat. Day 1: 18th April 2023 Our trip was going to be great, and I was very excited. Excitedly, I left Pestalozzi, my four friends, and my escort teacher Minaxi Rawat. I was hoping my day would go well. On reaching The Doon Girls School, we first had our RT-PTR tests. The good result was that all of our reports came negative. We assembled at the basketball for the walk at Khalanga War Memorial, Nalapani. Khalanga War Memorial: The day's first activity was visiting Khalanga War Memorial. The Memorial was located in a hilly region which I like. Now for sure, my day was going to be very significant. When I entered the memorial surrounding, I felt lik

My Good School Retreat 2023 - Tenzin Jambey

Seeing all the teachers and friends leaving with whom I spent an excellent time for four days, I almost cried. After spending four days together, I felt like we had been together for a very long period, and during this time, I became very close with them; I suppose that we all became so close that we were much more than best friends and because of this bond I emotional when everyone was leaving, the only thing which  I could say was " goodbye " and " best wishes ahead " I wanted to say many things, but the words were not coming from my mouth, one after one everyone started leaving and only HPS (Hyderabad Public School) group were left, for few minutes we talked and after a while, they were also nowhere to be seen.  I was sitting near the basketball court of The Doon Girls School with my other Pestalozzi's friends and Shelja Ma'am, we were waiting for our bus to come and then suddenly my memories flashed back and I saw two vision that deeply touched my heart,

Reflection of the movie "SWADESH".

From: TENZIN JAMBEY <> Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2023 at 21:24 Subject: Good evening, Ma'am. Reflection of the movie "SWADESH". Courtesy: <> 1: "Exploitation". Even today, many farmers, labourers and workers are exploited by landlords and contractors. 2: "Difficulties faced by village people". About 60% of India comprises villages that are the grassroots of our country, meaning that "ordinary people reside in villages ". As I was also born and raised in a village, I agree that there are many problems which village people face, like water supply, electricity, poor health and education facilities and unemployment. 3: "Illiteracy of masses in the Village". Even after setting up government schools in villages, parents don't send their children to school as the parents need to be educated. They only seek short-term benefits by sending their children to work, and that

Why Should I Go To School? - Rishona Chopra

A school is where we learn, grow, and work on ourselves. Schools are not a building but are a  building made of education and life.  Schools are a place full of knowledge where students learn under the guidance of teachers. They are more than just academics. They focus on making us a good person, an actual human. Schools are for us to grow and enhance our area of excellence. Therefore, every event in school, every day when we have fun playing games, is probably the best. I go to school to learn and enjoy. I find so much joy. Learning new things, I come to play near a spring. Learning a new math trick, So it becomes easy and quick. I come to go to the lab, And make music beats by banging the slab! I came to dance, And get another chance. I come to play, It makes me happy and gay! I come to make new friends, And borrow some pens. Going to school is so much fun, But the fun has just begun. Gyanshree: G-Glorious Y-Youthful A-Academic N-Nice S-Super H-Humble R-Respectful E-Efficient

GSAIP - Good Schools Alliance India Program

  Spreading the Joy Of Learning GSAIP ~ Good Schools Alliance India Program TOGETHER WE MAKE THE GSA COME ALIVE! We have fixed a Zoom Room; the meeting will be once a month for the entire team; we will make the plan, and then the Interns can work in their respective groups with their Teachers. All teachers/coordinators must join us for the monthly meeting, as, like our young people, the teachers are also learning about the GSA and how we operate. 7 PROGRAMS      1. Internship     2. Exchange     3. Slooh     4. Life Skill Series:     * Joy Of Reading     * Joy of Speaking     * Joy Of Writing INTERNSHIP PROGRAM  Interns are an essential part of our successful enterprise. Most of them work directly with our partners and provide support at the local level. We host interns for a few weeks to one year. You could be teaching at the school or assisting the school staff in helping in teaching and learning. Your passion and volunteering are most dear to us!  The three teams and the me

The future of education

The future of education will be built on immutable values alone: A ppreciation, Caring, Co-operation, Courage, Freedom, Friendship, Happiness, Honesty, Hope, Humility, Love, Patience, Peace, Quality, Respect, Responsibility, Simplicity, Thoughtfulness, Tolerance, Trust, Understanding & Unity. Joy Of Learning (JOL) will inspire you by using examples of where the values are already being used by children in schools and share practical tools to stimulate discussion and philosophical debate. JOL is an extensive and profound learning experience that immerses members in a model of inquiry and problem-based learning. Students work collaboratively to gain knowledge to solve their significant challenges, we champion peer-to-peer learning. #JoyOfLearning "We live in a society consumed by materialism and the desire for more. Does this mean our next generation of children will grow up being literate and numerate greedy consumers whose lives are judged by their houses' size and the

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