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Sunday 30 June 2024

Reflection for the week - Sunday 30th June 2024

-From Jataka Tales-   
1. What insights do the Jataka Tales offer?
2. How does today's story resonate with your current life experiences?
3. What lessons can be learned from "Great King Goodness"?
4. What are commandments, and what are the 10 of them?
5. Learn more about the 10 commandments and their meaning to you.
6. find about 10 precepts and whom it is connected to?
7. Find out about Kosala and what comes to your mind when you hear it?
8. Why did the King of Benaras keep not fighting against the Kosala Kingdom?
9. Was the decision not to fight right by the king of Benaras?
10. Is doing good never wasted?
11. What moral lessons can we derive from "Great King Goodness"?
12. What are Goblins? Draw a Goblin by imagination.

-  From The Hidden Life Of Trees-   
1. What insights did you gain from today's chapter, Hibernation?
2. How has this book influenced your thoughts or perspective about trees and their life?
3. How a tree is a giving, living Being?
4. How do humans rely on trees and forests for their well-being?
5. Observe a tree nearby and describe its characteristics.
6. How is a forest different in summer from other seasons?
7. Find Out about carotene?
8. How do summers bring change in the forest trees?
9. Why are Celcius and Fahrenheit different?
10. Why do you think Trees Hibernate and slow down?

Check the July calendar, find your interests, and join us.

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These are some suggestions you may choose from; you are most welcome to share and post whatever comes to your mind as your thoughts. We are looking forward to seeing your wonderful and thoughtful reflections!   
You can email your reflections to Neetu at <> or call her at +91 135 2710958 for assistance Monday through Friday, 10 am to 7 pm.

The conversation revolved around various topics, including improving school management through effective communication, fostering a collaborative learning environment, and discussing religious and cultural stories. Participants discussed the adaptations of trees during winter, highlighting their unique strategies for survival. The conversation covered a wide range of subjects, showcasing the speakers' diverse perspectives and ideas.