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JOL Diaries November 23

Newsletter by My Good School "This Children's Day of the year 2023, we are most delighted to bring you the first issue of our monthly newsletter, and we look forward to the middle of every month to get into the middle of your heart and mind with #JoyOfLearning" . Rishona Chopra, School Captain Click here to download

Is it right to do mercy killing? - Rishona Chopra

Mercy killing is killing a person or animal to relieve their suffering.  When fishermen fish, they bring the fish out of the water and kill it. When out of the water, it suffers, and we kill it to "relieve" it of its suffering.  If an animal is wounded and in deep pain, we kill it to "relieve" it of its misery.  I believe that there is simply no mercy in killing. Mercy killing should strictly only be done when a person or animal is in extreme pain and suffering and mentally accepts that it has to depart.   Imagine if you are sick and someone comes to you and says he/she is doing mercy to you by killing you. Does that even make any sense? If you are ready to leave all worldly desires and go, it would only seem alright to you.   I think mercy killing, when done for no extreme reason, is straight away wrong. If you wish to "relieve" an animal's suffering and have such good intentions, why do you kill it anyway? Most of the population depends on fishing. F

My Covid Experience - Arfa Khan

As soon as we heard that the virus had reached India, our anxieties crept up on us. My overprotective grandfather always reminded us to take precautions and would never let us take even a step outside the house unless it was necessary. In the first wave, we all were horrified of the virus and would misunderstand even cough to having the virus. In the new days of the virus, I got a cold, and my nose was blocked. I mistook it as having the virus and started crying, which usually happens once in a blue moon. Catching the virus had become my worst nightmare; I would always chicken out just after hearing it. My grandfather used to watch a news channel with the sound of the EKC/ECG monitor's heartbeat going flatline, which would always make my mother and I feel very uncomfortable. I took things so much to the next level that I would wake up at 4am and check if my parents were breathing. Thanks to our anxieties and our taking precautions, my family didn't catch the virus in the firs

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