Sunday 23 October 2022

My Covid Experience - Arfa Khan

As soon as we heard that the virus had reached India, our anxieties crept up on us. My overprotective grandfather always reminded us to take precautions and would never let us take even a step outside the house unless it was necessary. In the first wave, we all were horrified of the virus and would misunderstand even cough to having the virus. In the new days of the virus, I got a cold, and my nose was blocked. I mistook it as having the virus and started crying, which usually happens once in a blue moon. Catching the virus had become my worst nightmare; I would always chicken out just after hearing it. My grandfather used to watch a news channel with the sound of the EKC/ECG monitor's heartbeat going flatline, which would always make my mother and I feel very uncomfortable. I took things so much to the next level that I would wake up at 4am and check if my parents were breathing. Thanks to our anxieties and our taking precautions, my family didn't catch the virus in the first wave. We became a bit relaxed and, to be honest, a bit careless…and that was a fatal mistake.

In the second wave, my whole family (apart from me) caught the virus. My uncle threw a housewarming party, and we all attended it. Because they were relatives, my family took off their masks. A few days later, my grandfather showed symptoms of covid and soon, so did my grandmother; they both got tested and came out positive. We could not find a hospital with vacant beds, so I had to stay isolated in my room for the time being. After searching for many days, my aunt found a hospital and my grandparents were admitted. My father kept going to and fro from the hospital and our home. We barely got time to meet each other. We only talked via video call, and I used my father's old phone, which was very rusty and laggy. Life felt very empty and depressed. Each day was the same; time went by so fast. My father also caught covid because of constant exposure to covid in the hospital, which was soon transmitted to my mother. I had to wear a mask at all times. Because of my society's high number of cases, grocery stores refused to give home deliveries, and mothers had to go out and get them. My other aunt's friend had an organization which delivered food to covid patients, and that's how we got our food. My mother got so sick that she threw up every day for 3 days straight, which was horrifying because I have emetophobia (the fear of vomit). My grandparents had to be kept on ventilators. My grandfather's health was getting worse day by day. On the other hand, my grandmother got discharged but again admitted 2 days later. My grandfather stopped talking and soon didn't even open his eyes; the next day, he died. I saw him on his last day via video call, and I pitied him. All of this happened during my summer vacation (2021). Because of all this chaos, I couldn't complete my holiday homework, and I had to cram it into just 4-5 days. When I look back on it, I feel very empty from the inside. It was the lowest and darkest time of my life. I can see the changes in my everyday things in the absence of my grandfather. I just wish Covid never existed. My family would have been so much better. In fact, the whole world would have been so much better. 

-Arfa Khan 
Ahlcon Public School



  1. That was a very difficult time you went through Arfa. Those were really trying times. Hopefully covid is behind us now

    1. Indeed sir, thank you for the comment!


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