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How To Develop Self-Control - Tenzin Jambey

In life, we will encounter many situations that can make us lose self-control; we also become rough, nasty, and rude with others. When we lose self-control, we lose our identity and become an evil version of ourselves with bad attitudes and deviant minds.  What leads us to lose our "self-control"? Firstly, self-control means the ability or the power to control yourself and your mind from performing any actions or work, we often come across some circumstances it situations that make us feel angry, hateful, and annoyed, and we also think like inflicting others, this all feelings and emotions are the effects of losing self-control. People say "calm down" and "cool down" when we get angry, but their words don't reflect upon us. It is always us who can cool the anger of our self but, but for this, we need to develop extreme self-control. There are various ways through which we can develop and make our "self-control" strong. For me, the best practi

My Reflection on Self-control - Nishan Karki

"Ultimately, the only power to which man should aspire is that he exercises over himself." -Elie Wiesel. Self-control means controlling our feelings, emotions and actions when we are angry, irritated, upset, enraged, etc. Self-control helps us in several ways. It leads a path for us to be a good person, it leads to a good life, it leads to happiness and receives us from certain emotions such as sadness, anger, depression and evil actions such as fight, gambling, ganging, etc. There are many ways to develop self-control. I have mentioned some of them below: 1. We need to correct our way of thinking. 2. We need to have a goal in life and follow that goal to achieve success. 3. We should have the confidence and willpower to do things correctly. 4. We should focus on our work daily. 5. We should be self-motivated and inspired and also take motivation from good people. 6. We should learn to control our feelings, thoughts, emotions and actions. - Nishan Karki Pestalozzi Children

How can you build self-control? - Shristi Khulal

When it comes to self-control, I think of controlling one's actions and behaviour between right and wrong about oneself. A person with self-control is a sagacious, disciplined and focused one. To accomplish our dreams and goals is one of the most important things. A successful person always has self-control in himself. Self-control can be in anything like emotions, habits, and many others which are not suitable or appropriate. There may be different ways for different people to build up self-control. I have many things that I try to control, especially my emotions l get too excited, nervous, excited and angry very quickly. Sometimes, I try to prevent these things by telling myself or my heart about the consequence of doing that thing. Being calm and relaxed helps with self-control in most situations.  - Shristi Khulal Reflections from reading The Art of Focus.

How Can We Develop Self-Control? - Aati Pema

During our day-to-day life, we plan to do many things, but when we are faced with doing them, most of the time, we see that it's more challenging, and the funny thing is it requires more effort to  actually start compared to doing the work itself.  The thought of practicality and the actual work is separated by this large gap, and overcoming it requires willpower.  A person goes through the most pain and discomfort while taking the few steps, like igniting the spark plug of a vehicle requires the most energy, so to have that desire, commitment along with dedication and fire in our bellies to do what's needed are the most important things that we can have.  Aati Pema Pestalozzi Children's Village India