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"APPRECIATION" - Geetankshi Tamta

https://goodschoolsalliance. school Small word, huh? Sure is, but it holds a tremendous meaning. Appreciation- A feeling or expression of admiration or gratitude.   Is that it? I don't think so.  We often describe  'appreciation'  as a core value. When in reality, it's a habit. Yup! You read it right. Appreciation is not a value. It's a habit which you have to practice daily.  Now You must be wondering why you should practice appreciation? Shouldn't it come from the heart? Well, yes, my wonderful readers, you are right. It should come from the heart. But for that too, you must be conscious enough to realize the good things happening around you. In a world full of negativity, consciously and willingly choosing to look at the bright side of everything is what makes appreciation a habit.   To appreciate something, you should take the time and patience to realize its value, whether it's an opportunity, a thing, or even a person. You can

The Wheels Of Learning Never Stop Turning! - Rishona Chopra

Yes, it is rightly said that the wheels of learning never stop turning! Participating in the My Guide Inside program has enriched my thinking and perspective on several things.  "Mind + Consciousness + Thought = Reality" is the base of this book. Universal Mind is the source of all intelligence, and Universal Consciousness, allows us to be aware of our existence. And Universal Thought, which guides us through the world. There are several learnings I took with me from the MGI Pilot Program. I think we can all agree on how each session had its own beauty and importance.I am going to be sharing a few of the key points I think are quite vital to understand and know about. I learnt how we all are just lost thinkers. Our imagination is limited to what we know. Our thoughts and actions are based on the knowledge we know. It is vital to break that boundary and think beyond it. To add perspective to every situation. In any case, we think only from our perspective and stick to what we

How To Develop Self-Control - Tenzin Jambey

In life, we will encounter many situations that can make us lose self-control; we also become rough, nasty, and rude with others. When we lose self-control, we lose our identity and become an evil version of ourselves with bad attitudes and deviant minds.  What leads us to lose our "self-control"? Firstly, self-control means the ability or the power to control yourself and your mind from performing any actions or work, we often come across some circumstances it situations that make us feel angry, hateful, and annoyed, and we also think like inflicting others, this all feelings and emotions are the effects of losing self-control. People say "calm down" and "cool down" when we get angry, but their words don't reflect upon us. It is always us who can cool the anger of our self but, but for this, we need to develop extreme self-control. There are various ways through which we can develop and make our "self-control" strong. For me, the best practi

Thoughts and Actions - Rishona Chopra

Karma as in what we do comes back to us. Whatever good we put out in the world, comes back to us. But is it only our actions that matter or is it also our thoughts? I can easily help somebody but it matters what I am thinking while doing so. Karma should not be our idea of helping someone. Kindness should come from within. We might think we are fooling someone by pretending to hide our thoughts but we can't hide anything from ourselves. It is about the thoughts we have and our mind's consciousness that matters. Actions that come from the heart shine apart.  If the thought is true the action comes out itself. If actions speak louder than words, thoughts speak louder than actions.  Rishona Chopra Grade VII Gyanshree School

Changes In Our Lives - Nishan Karki

We must change our lives, mistakes, behaviour and bad habits. Changes are essential to our life from now on. We can be successful people in future if we start making changes in our day-to-day thoughts and work. I want to be a better person and enjoy a bright future. For this I will need to make many changes in my life going forward. I need to change my day-to-day thoughts about how ideas, behaviour, and various skills like thinking, reading, writing, listening, communication skills, etc. If I start improving myself and changing these skills I will surely have a great future ahead. Nishan Karki Pestalozzi Children’s Village India.

What You Believe Is What You Achieve - Rishona Chopra

Our lifestyle relies on it – the quality of our thoughts, feelings, attitude, habits, personality and finally, our destiny. This means what we believe has a dominating influence on our future. We cannot afford to hold a single wrong belief. Society spreads limiting beliefs like Anger is necessary, Happiness is in achievements, Stress is natural, People and situations decide how I feel, and so on. Believing "anger is necessary", we used anger repeatedly. Although we set such a belief in our mindset, does our destiny know about this belief? It is simply influenced by our thoughts. Each thought of yours affects us, what we think we do. My thoughts full of anger come out in words; my words can influence my actions. For example - Due to some reason, I was angry at someone, and I started shouting at them. The situation didn't calm down, so I started hitting them. Without thinking, my thought became my words, and they became my actions. I began to respect it again and again. Soo

Positive thinking - Rishona Chopra

Experiencing a life full of different events, which can be harmful at times, can be demanding and make life a difficult journey of ups and downs. We also realize that we can withstand and tolerate situations, and not only a few people but all of us try to some extent or the other. Of course, some of us fail entirely, also.  There is no substitute for correct thinking when a difficult situation is in front of you. You think negatively but act according to the spiritual knowledge you have read. That will not make you successful in overcoming the situation. Inner habits of creating thoughts of fear, pessimism, hopelessness and impatience will not reduce, although we may temporarily feel positive based on what we have read or learnt.  Inner habits are intense and have been inside the inner spiritual being or soul since many births. Each time we have performed an adverse action or created a negative thought, a sanskara was made based on that thought, word or action. This is the cycle of rep