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The dilemma between heart and mind - Tenzin Jambey

"Good evening, sir. How is everything and hope you are all good, me   waiting for Sunday's Good School and will see you in Sunday's Class. This is my reflection on ( SHARE A DILEMMA OF HEART AND MIND). It took me almost an hour to write  ,  and I guess    not everyone has the courage  to share the dilemma experience which I have shared. Hope you would love and feel good after going through my reflection." Tenzin Jambey Our minds and heart ask and wish for many things, but sometimes we come across such situations that our minds and heart don't agree to perform a task together. When the brain says 'yes', the heart says 'no' and when the heart says 'yes', the brain says 'no'. In this situation, we need clarification. I have also experienced the dilemma between my brain and heart, and the dilemma I faced is also faced by others. 1) "Being a student, our main purpose is "studying" every student is expected to learn good va

How can you build self-control? - Shristi Khulal

When it comes to self-control, I think of controlling one's actions and behaviour between right and wrong about oneself. A person with self-control is a sagacious, disciplined and focused one. To accomplish our dreams and goals is one of the most important things. A successful person always has self-control in himself. Self-control can be in anything like emotions, habits, and many others which are not suitable or appropriate. There may be different ways for different people to build up self-control. I have many things that I try to control, especially my emotions l get too excited, nervous, excited and angry very quickly. Sometimes, I try to prevent these things by telling myself or my heart about the consequence of doing that thing. Being calm and relaxed helps with self-control in most situations.  - Shristi Khulal Reflections from reading The Art of Focus.

How am I preparing to face the world? - Anchal Mehra

Firstly I want to face the world by doing the things like something good, which I still need to do. The most important thing for me by which I want to face the world by working hard in my studies and to be successful in my life so that I can make my family proud of me, and in my life; many people think that I can't do anything, and I am not strong enough and all, so I just want to prove them and show them I can do something in my life. I am strong enough for myself. 😊 Anchal Mehra Pestalozzi Children's Village India

Happiness - Anushri Palnitkar

We all are happy in our lives, with my point of view But there are my friends who feel that they are not happy, But only a few. Once my friend was in the garden, And was thinking alone in her freedom We asked here the reason And she said," I love mangoes but this is not the season." The second day she was at the same place, Looking at us with a weird face We asked her the reason And she answered," I love social studies but because of studying social studies I don't get time to play with my buddies. The third day at the same place She was sitting with an awful face We asked her the reason She replied," I love chocolates madly But because of that, I am getting fat very badly After this, I went to her house And told her that being always sad will not work And reminded her of the quote that will help her to be successful And that was Happiness is the key to success. Name: Anushri Palnitkar Grade: 5A Billabong High International School, Thane

Be A Dreamer - Prarthana Rastogi

Everyone has the freedom to dream. It is a beautiful and soulful experience. Children of our age have dreams to become someone according to their likings and expect their parents to help them pursue it. Hence, parents should encourage their children to dream and contribute to the process of fulfilling the same. When parents have different expectations from their children, they do not realize they knowingly or unknowingly put their children under pressure. As a result, the child, in fear of disappointing their parents, forget about their dreams and start following what their parents want them to be. However, these people sometimes are not successful because their heart does not follow them, and their mind is not accepting it.  As a child, I also dream of becoming a Sports Star. I love playing sports. I’m passionate about basketball, badminton, and cricket.  If you have the determination and are mentally strong, you’ll surely be successful.  Last but not least, parents should understand

Be A Dreamer- Aanya Kumar

In the reading session held on 26/12/2021 I understood that dreaming leads to success. Successful leaders had the dream to become one. Take the example of Sachin Tendulkar. He was very young when India lifted the world cup in 1983 and since then he had the dream to play for his country and win the world cup again. It took him twenty- eight years to realise his dream.  All great inventions such as mobile phone, DVD, the light bulb and many more could be made because their inventors had the dream to do something revolutionary. Also, all famous monuments including Taj Mahal were constructed because someone dreamt about leaving a mark in the history.  It is okay to dream because if we do then we might modify the future. Aanya Kumar Gyanshree School Grade- V

Hardwork - Vinita Sirvi

Vinita Sirvi A dream doesn't become reality through magic, it takes sweat, determination, and hard work. Hard work is the most important key to success. You can never gain anything if you just sit and wait for a better opportunity to come. Poverty is not a curse but yes idealness is. Since childhood and even now, I always remember what my parents used to tell me, "To be a better person and to get success, you need to work hard and the fruits of hard work are always sweet". I was a shy person till my 6th class, later I started preparing myself and started working hard and finally, I have reached the level where I can stand in front of the whole school and give a speech. My marks have also increased to a higher level. While studying, a student should engage in some skills development and should do some hard work.  There is a well-known proverb, "Hard work never goes wasted". Impossible can be turned into possible only by hard work. Always remember 'The harder