Saturday 8 April 2023

How To Develop Self-Control - Tenzin Jambey

In life, we will encounter many situations that can make us lose self-control; we also become rough, nasty, and rude with others. When we lose self-control, we lose our identity and become an evil version of ourselves with bad attitudes and deviant minds. 

What leads us to lose our "self-control"? Firstly, self-control means the ability or the power to control yourself and your mind from performing any actions or work, we often come across some circumstances it situations that make us feel angry, hateful, and annoyed, and we also think like inflicting others, this all feelings and emotions are the effects of losing self-control. People say "calm down" and "cool down" when we get angry, but their words don't reflect upon us. It is always us who can cool the anger of our self but, but for this, we need to develop extreme self-control.

There are various ways through which we can develop and make our "self-control" strong. For me, the best practices are as follows:

I was also once an insulting boy who often ignored others and hardly obeyed my teacher's instructions. It was all because of anger and the developed urges within me. One day one of my friends suggested I practice meditation, but I was surprised to find out how it worked. He told me I just have to relax and forget about all images and memories for a while. I found a change in myself after a few days, and now I am better at controlling my anger; whenever I feel angry, I simply try to forget the cause. Therefore, one should mediate to develop self-control.

This one is very effective when you are struggling to develop self-control. We feel diffident, nervous and frightened regarding social activities like public speaking and debates. We get these emotions as we are not used to them, as in the case of writing. When we are about to perform or participate in any social activities, we need to relax for a few minutes by closing our eyes, taking deep breaths, and always making ourselves comfortable before doing any new things,  curriculum,  activities, work, etc.

These two methods are instrumental, like the word "very" itself, if they are practised well, and these methods can make a person's life look even more beautiful.

- Tenzin Jambey
Pestalozzi Children's Village India

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