Sunday 8 May 2022

Hope - Aishwarya Kalia Ahuja


Ms Aishwarya Kalia Ahuja
TGT English
Ahlcon Public School

I am an experienced English teacher. Alongside teaching, I enjoy writing. I've also authored research papers and published poems. I've a keen interest in research which is always leveraged in analyzing learners' language needs.

An Illusionary Friend 

(Poem Based on the value of the month of May - Hope)

An ingenuine crowd always around,

But I talked to an illusion and the voice reverted sound:

"Everything'll  be fine one day",

"You'll also see a sunshine ray"


Illusion was optimistic, if it sustained,

And this was how my hope maintained

Echoes were growing familiar

And set off a voice which I always wanted to hear.

Was this smart cookie an acointier?

It (so -well- knew-me) triggered in a brief encounter.

Why did it only linger in the twilight?

Was it an elf who sank into the obscure eyesight?

And it was growing so intimate,

When I closed my eyes, it dwelled and dominate.

Finally, I transcended my contemplation

A soul's voice misapprehended for illusion!


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