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Hope - Gaurangi Rastogi

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People talk about hope whenever you are stuck in a difficult situation.

But what is hope? Sometimes this question clicks my mind. It is a step that motivates you to reach your destination or aim to be achieved. 

Recently, I travelled to 'Char Dham Yatra'. Which is enjoyable. When I saw the track, I felt disappointed. It was a tiring journey, but something inside kept my excitement alive.

I think that's hope!

Hope never lets your aspirations or dreams die. It keeps it alive in your heart. Some examples of maintaining hope in my daily life:

Hope of mummy making something good in Lunch.

Hope that my family to bring surprises on my birthday 

Hope of going to park and cycle 3 rounds without stopping.

Gaurangi Rastogi 
The Doon Girls' School 


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