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The School Song - Rishona Chopra

A school song displays the school but do we really need a song to display our school? Isn't the love of the teachers quite enough? Isn't the hard work of teachers quite enough? We don't need a school song to realize that this is a perfect place, or do we? At Tomoe, we don't have a school song, but the headmaster's love is quite enough to describe his school.

Even if we have a school song, we should sing it with pride because going to a good school is a blessing as it is a haven of knowledge. At Gyanshree, we have a school song, and it goes like this:

We, the Shreeyans, are virtuous and strong
To this heavenly place, we belong
We see our future gleaming in the light
We vow to be prudent and upright
Seeking knowledge, resolute to attain
At Gyanshree, excellence and acclaim
We, the Shreeyans, we are proud to be
Radiant and blissful, wise and worthy
All the Shreeyans, sing out loud
With such a lovely school, we are endowed.

Isn't that a wonderful school song? Although I don't really know the tune, I love to sing it!

Rishona Chopra
Grade VI
Gyanshree School


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