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Totto-chan. Author:Tetusoko kuroyanagi. Totto-chan is a book that speaks about a girl who has been expelled from a 'regular' school to a school name 'Tomoe Gakuen'.The school is totally different from the formal educational system and creates stress and threats to the children by the overloaded syllabus, subjects, books and strict rules and regulations. - Naturing Education Blog

"The book begins with Totto-chan's mother coming to know of her daughter's expulsion from public school. Her mother realizes that Totto-chan needs a school where more freedom of expression is permitted. Thus, she takes Totto-chan to meet the headmaster of the new school, Mr Kobayashi, where the two establish a friendly teacher-student relationship". Wikipedia

Illustration by
Reveda Bhatt
Class 9, The Aryan School
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