Saturday 7 May 2022

My First Immersive VR Experience - Reveda Bhatt

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In 2019, almost all of us saw the launch of Chandrayaan 2 from Satish Dhawan Space Centre by the Indian Space Research Institute (ISRO) on television on 22nd July to circle the moon and provide information about its surface. Still, we never got to feel it in reality just because we were not there, in that particular place, at that specific time!

But in today’s world, a technology called Virtual Reality, VR for short, has been introduced wherein you can feel what had happened even if you weren’t there then. Initially, VR could be experienced just with headgears at home or, at most, the headgears with the moving chairs at malls. But these days, a technology known as immersive virtual reality is coming into view, yes, the one showing at our school!

We watched the show the day before, and it was really breathtaking. You see the control room’s architecture, the satellite being prepared for the launch, exiting Earth, going into space, the satellite being detached, Lander Vikram landing on the Moon and Pragyan Lunar Rover coming out of the lander and onto the moon’s surface. Then with the help of the controllers in your hands in your real world, you walk solo on the Moon in your virtual world, feeling like when Neil Armstrong became the first one to walk on the moon!

There were moments when the screen went black due to the transition between scenes, and we were literally praying that it should not finish right now, but luckily, it didn’t finish then and crossed the boundary of our expectations up towards the space!

Hoping we all get to cherish moments like this and make the sky our limit!

Thank you! Reveda Bhatt Class 9, The Aryan School

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